Why Nonprofits Should Be Using Google Ad Grants: Part 1

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Why Nonprofits Should Be Using Google Ad Grants: Part 1

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Think about driving a ton of qualified traffic to your nonprofit website. For free.

Think about reaching donors to drive contributions to support your cause. For free.

Think about reaching people around the world with your unique cause. For free.

Think about recruiting the right-fit volunteers to help you achieve your goals. For free.

Is this even possible? Yes!

The Google Ad Grants program gives qualified nonprofits a chance to advertise up to $10,000 a month on Google to promote their initiatives. That’s right. Google pays for all your ad costs. Do you need more reasons to apply for this program today? Turn the page to read about some of the most important benefits of the program.

Top Benefits of Using Ad Grants

1. Boosts online donations: This is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you use ads to drive donations? Think what you could do with the extra dollars. Given our current world situation and with the many nonprofits hurting for funds right now, this is one of the top reasons why you’d want to apply for this program.

2. Helps gain more volunteers: Ad Grants is the perfect way to reach out into the community and find the right people to support your cause through volunteering. There are plenty of people eager to support nonprofits. But first they have to know about you! This program is a great way to reach them with your specific message.

3. Extends your reach. Your web and social media presences are very important, but Ad Grants can give you exposure and visibility around the globe and get you in front of people who never knew you existed. Every nonprofit needs to expand their reach and raise awareness of their cause. Ad Grants can get your message in front of people who would be sympathetic to your cause but might not otherwise have ever heard of you.

4. Saves marketing dollars. If you were doing paid advertising via Google Ads or even if you weren’t, Ad Grants could free up some dollars to put towards more important needs.

5. Drives online traffic to your website. With the right ad copy and keywords, you can drive tons of qualified traffic to your website, raising awareness and engagement.

Do I qualify for Ad Grants?

In order to qualify, companies must first go through an application process. Read on to find out what it takes to qualify.

1. You must hold current and valid charity status. In the U.S., you must have a current 501(c)(3) status.

2. You must have a functioning website that provides enough detail about your organization. Learn more about Google’s website requirements.

Visit Google’s country-specific requirements to see if you qualify.

There are some organizations that are not qualified for Google Grants. These include:

  • Government entities or organizations
  • Any type of school, academic institution or university. The exception would be philanthropic arms of such organizations.
  • Hospitals or healthcare organizations

In part 2, we’ll discuss the application process and how to maintain your eligibility.

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