Why AI for Marketing?

Marketing in the age of AI


Why AI for Marketing?

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Most marketing has entered the digital age; it seems to be the way most marketing gets done now and of course it makes sense. But many marketers remain standoffish when it comes to discussions of using AI in their marketing. While specific AI tools are newer and still developing, AI already runs the digital world. Many people still don’t know this. The age of AI is here. It runs all the major platforms that people use every day: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and a whole host of other media platforms and apps. Algorithms determine what search results you’ll see on any given search engine, what videos are recommended for you, what music is curated for your listening. Algorithms determine what path you take on a website or an app and what content you see and when. They determine what kinds of ads you see. Algorithms are collecting thousands of data points on you every time you go online. You might have noticed. Your user experience online is getting ever better as you browse. Even the ads you see are sometimes frighteningly relevant. Amazon seems to know exactly the kinds of products and videos you prefer.

Digital advertising is also solidly run by AI. All those data points Facebook is collecting on people? They are at your fingertips as an advertiser. That goes for any ad platform. So advertisers shouldn’t be reticent to take advantage of AI strategies and tools in their marketing. This isn’t something up-and-coming. It’s here to stay. We’ve written extensively on the ethics of AI marketing and the importance of remembering the human. It’s always of vital importance as digital marketers that we don’t lose touch with our customers and potential customers and simply let them slip into becoming the product themselves, while we pull the strings in the background. But you won’t do that, because you’re smart and you recognize that real relationships matter.

All that being said, it’s time to seriously consider how AI fits into your marketing plan. Your customers will thank you for your foresight. They’ll also think of you as cutting-edge. That’s always a bonus. With the constant innovations and advancements happening in AI , you’ll always be able to bring something new to the table to test. Do a little research and you’ll discover specific AI tools for different marketing applications. Do yourself a favor and begin testing these tools. You and your clients will be glad you did.

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