What Does It Mean To Use AI For Digital Marketing?

Marketing in the age of AI


What Does It Mean To Use AI For Digital Marketing?

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More and more marketers are getting on board with AI marketing. They’re using new tools and finding new and better ways to reach people. They’re outsmarting their competitors and staying a step ahead of them. This all sounds great, but what exactly does it mean to use AI for digital marketing?


AI, or artificial intelligence, is the use of automated systems that analyze reams of data and then learn and improve on their own. Find out more about AI basics by reading 8 Basic Terms AI Marketers Should Know, 11 More AI Terms Marketers Should Know, and Even More AI Terms Marketers Need to Know. This will give you a good understanding of what AI is and how it works. Ultimately, AI seeks to optimize and personalize the marketing experience that your potential customer is having. This increases the chance they will become an actual customer.

Believe us, AI is going to be the next big thing in digital marketing. In many ways it already is. If you are using Facebook or Google to run digital ads, you are using AI tools. Both of these platforms have the ability to learn from the data and make improvements. Think of auto-bidding on Google or responsive ads on both Google and Facebook. The ad platforms make decisions on how to combine multiple ad components so that the right ad gets in front of the right person. Or perhaps you have a chatbot on your website. Then you are using an AI tool to reach people and offer a better customer service experience.

Why does it make sense to take advantage of AI tools in marketing? Well, think of it as a way of refining, improving and personalizing a message to an individual user. That’s every marketer’s dream and that’s what AI does best. It evaluates data to make decisions about what a particular person might respond to best at a particular time. This significantly increases the likelihood that the person will respond positively to the marketing message. Humans could never analyze the volumes of data that AI can analyze and do it at lightning speed.

So how does this impact you as a digital marketer? Begin by seeking out the AI features in the marketing tools you are already using and start testing them to see how they perform compared to what you were doing before. If you are running regular Facebook or Google ads, try running some responsive ads instead. Chances are good you’ll see a big difference.

Once you see AI in action like this, you can think about looking into more advanced AI-specific platforms for different marketing objectives. Want to improve SEO? Check out  Alli AIMarket MuseBrightEdge and Can I Rank? Interested in ramping up your content game? Look into Concured and Crayon. Or maybe you want to take email to the next level. Look into  Seventh SensePhrasee and Optimail. Maybe your website customer experience needs a facelift. See Chatfuel, Botsify, MobileMonkey or ManyChat.

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