Using AI to Boost Customer Insights

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Using AI to Boost Customer Insights

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Everyone needs to understand their customer. And more and more, AI tools are revolutionizing our ability to do just that. Why are these insights so important? Gathering these data points allows you to understand your customer behavior patterns and what they value. This data then enables you to build a stronger relationship with those customers by creating or serving content that is relevant to them. The following are just some of the insights you can gain from an AI-powered solution.


  • Geo-specific events
  • On-site interactions
  • Referral source
  • Psychographic data
  • Purchase behaviors
  • Past communication
AI platforms analyze all of these data sources quickly, find patterns, make decisions, learn from them and continue to become more efficient and accurate at finding the right combinations of things that help to convert people. They will also reduce costs, increase revenue and give advertisers a huge competitive edge.

Using AI to gather data like this has additional benefits. First, it’s efficient. It gives you data immediately, rather than having a delay in delivery which can result in outdated insights. And second, it delivers results in near real time and does it way faster than a human can.

Okay, so you have an AI solution and are gathering data points. How will this help you? It could help you identify which customer segments should be included or excluded from campaigns or better match customers to the products they want. Personalization is no longer an option for companies. It’s what people expect. AI tools can help you target each customer’s specific interests. You could use AI to improve purchasing recommendations based on previous user behavior, deliver appropriate content at the right time and on the right channel or increase online conversion rates. Imagine being able to address your potential customers by name or present tailored recommendation. At its best, this form of AI can present uniquely targeted content for each user.

Increasingly, companies who figure out how to personalize their content are doing better than their competitors. Today’s customers expect messages tailored directly to their needs and concerns. Data shows that 79 percent of organizations that exceeded revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy. Have we convinced you yet of the need for AI to gather customer insights?

Check out Dynamic Yield and Sitecore for two platforms that analyze data and deliver personalization.

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