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Top Reasons Recruiters Should Be Using Twitter

by Vicky Lynch | Apr 12, 2017

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy, Twitter

According to Social Times, as of March 2016, 320 million people use Twitter each month. If you’re like 87% of Americans, you know what Twitter is, but you may have no idea how to use it. It was launched 11 years ago in 2006, it can be an incredibly effective promotion tool and yet exactly how to use Twitter remains a mystery to many.

Here are some top reasons you should be using Twitter:

  1. Ability to connect with prospective students. If your prospective students are on Twitter, you need to be too.  
  2. To brand your institution. You don’t have to be a huge university to build brand awareness on Twitter. You just need to be dedicated and tweeting regularly.
  3. Tweets can go viral. If you’ve never had a tweet go viral, it’s hard to understand the phenomenon. But it happens, and it can happen to you.

    The good news is: If you take a little bit of time to understand how Twitter works and best practices you need to follow, you will be happily tweeting and sharing your message with millions of users across the world.

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