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Content--The Engine That Drives Inbound Marketing

by Vicky Lynch | May 06, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

We’ve covered many ways that inbound marketing could be perfect for your institution. It gives you a chance to really have a conversation with your prospective students and get to know them. According to Hubspot, it’s up to 61% less expensive than traditional marketing. It even produces higher-quality leads than your old tried-and-true tactics.

By now you understand that inbound marketing is all about drawing prospective customers in, rather than pushing your message out. You understand it’s about creating a virtual space and extending a hand for leads to get in touch and stay in touch. You understand it’s about listening as much as you speak and understanding what your prospective students want out of an education.

You understand that content is the engine that drives inbound marketing.

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Turn Your Website Visitors into Prospective Students with a Winning CTA

by Vicky Lynch | May 03, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

Twitter followers are nice, but they’re not leads. Same goes for Facebook likes and blog readers. They are good things to be sure, but not exactly students in seats. Ditto for all the other platforms and their ways of quantifying popularity. Most of these numbers don’t mean anything, unless they translate to bona fide leads that convert.

It all comes down to leads.

Everything single thing you do as part of your digital marketing strategy should be about getting prospective students and their parents to opt into further communications with you. It’s all about delivering and nurturing high quality leads through content your target market can’t resist.

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Promote Your Posts without Alienating Your Audience

by Vicky Lynch | Apr 28, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

Ask any blogger—from the columnist with a national news outlet to the mommy blogger who posts ingenious craft ideas—and he or she will tell you: effectively promoting content without being annoying about it is a tricky line to walk.

Admit it, we all have at least a few contacts in our social networks who always seem to be sharing something they’re selling, something they’ve written, or something on their blog, to the point that we groan internally and think “what now?” when their content comes up in our newsfeeds. It’s spammy, intrusive, and annoying.

So, how do you avoid being that person?

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How to Hire Your Inbound Marketing Team

by Vicky Lynch | Apr 26, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

Managing an inbound marketing strategy is no simple affair, even if the principles underlying the practice are fairly easy to comprehend.

Maybe it’s obvious to state, but to do inbound marketing right, you’ need to have the right people.

For many companies and institutions, the most cost-effective way to implement inbound marketing is to partner with an inbound marketing agency for part or all of the process. Agencies can conduct research, write personas, generate content, manage optimized social media profiles, watch the numbers, score and nurture leads and more.

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5 Questions to Help Identify Prospective Students

by Vicky Lynch | Apr 21, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

Are you marketing what you're actually being paid to market?

Sure, you know your institution backward and forward and you can give an elevator speech about its unique benefits and qualities in your sleep. You probably do that on a regular basis! You have a message about your school that you’re always ready, willing and enthusiastic to share.

But it’s precisely this point of view that gives rise to traditional marketing. For inbound marketing to work well, higher education marketers have to understand their institution, yes, but they also have to understand their prospective students and their parents (in marketing speak, their buyer personas) just as well.

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3 Ways Your Website is Failing

by Vicky Lynch | Apr 19, 2016

 |  college recruitment plan, college recruitment strategy, social media recruiting strategy, website


Inbound marketing has been called one of the greatest innovations in student recruitment since the launch of the first college websites.

And think about what a leap that was—from a world where the main source of information on colleges was located in a library or in folders full of view books and brochures at college fairs—to a world in which all that information (and more) was at their fingertips 24/7.

The problem is some institutions haven’t gone far beyond that initial innovation.

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6 Rules for Social Media Recruitment Strategy

by Leah Peters | Apr 14, 2016

 |  college recruitment plan, college recruitment strategy, social media recruiting strategy


Inbound marketing methodology requires some serious social media savvy. Here’s what you need to know.

No inbound marketing strategy is complete without a robust social media presence. If you’re not using social media to the fullest, there’s simply no way that prospective students will see the great content you’re putting out there.

But there’s more to building a sturdy foundation in social media than setting up accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and just pushing content out there. That’s not social media marketing, and it’s not going to help you attain your goals.

To successfully leverage social media as part of inbound marketing methodology, here are some of the things you’ve got to know.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Adding Inbound Marketing to Your Promotional Mix

by Leah Peters | Apr 05, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, college recruitment plan, social media recruiting strategy


We tried to think of reasons schools wouldn’t add inbound to their promotional mix. We couldn’t think of any.

#1—It’s Cost Effective

Schools are adding inbound marketing methodology to their promotional mix because it offers an amazing return-on-investment (ROI) when compared to traditional, outbound marketing strategies like direct mail.

In fact, inbound marketing strategies have been found to be remarkably cost effectivecosting 62% less per lead than traditional marketing methods.

Implementing inbound marketing methodology can work alongside your institution’s existing website and email platformsit doesn’t require huge new investments in Web and IT tech. The sophisticated technology that supports inbound marketing automation allows you to manage increased contact with prospects without additional investment.

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5 Simple Inbound Marketing Hacks

by Leah Peters | Mar 30, 2016

 |  college recruitment plan, email lead generation, social media recruiting strategy


Inbound marketing methodology doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here’s what you need to know to get going with an inbound strategy for higher education marketing.

1. Create great content

Effective content marketing starts with great content -- and great content doesn’t feel like great advertising; it feels like the kind of thing that actually grabs your interest and distracts you from whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. We all know that the best publicity is the kind you don’t pay for -- it’s the kind you earn simply by being remarkable at what you do.

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3 Channels to Convert Your Leads into Applicants

by Leah Peters | Mar 24, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

The writing is on the wall. When a prospective student visits your website and self-selects into receiving communications from your institution, the worst thing you can do is fail to interact with them. 

Remember, they are not just “one more student”, they are about to make one the biggest and most consequential decision of their lives so far—and a significant financial investment too.

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