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Drive Traffic to Your Website

by Vicky Lynch | Jun 01, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

You’ve worked hard to provide valuable content on your website, how do you plan to drive more prospective students and their parents to your website?

Inbound marketing and an effective website go hand-in-hand. The rise of college websites has made all the difference for prospective students. They went from a world where all the information about colleges was located in the library or in the file folders full of viewbooks and brochures that were handed to them at college fairs to a world where all the information (and much more) contained in those papers was at their fingertips 24/7, first on home computers, and now on mobile devices.

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The Engine that Drives Inbound -- Great Content

by Leah Peters | Feb 14, 2017

 |  inbound marketing, social media recruiting strategy


We’ve reached the point where we need to talk about the engine that drives inbound—great content.

By now, you understand that inbound marketing is about drawing prospective customers in rather than pushing your message out. You understand that it’s about creating an inviting virtual space and extending a hand for leads to get in touch and stay in touch. You understand that it’s about listening as much as (or more than!) you speak, understanding what your prospective students are looking for and where they’re looking for it, and here’s where we reach the question of content: what is it, and what makes it great?

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Interesting Content that's Shareable

by Leah Peters | Feb 07, 2017

 |  college recruiting strategies, inbound marketing, social media recruiting strategy


Are we pretty safe in assuming that at one point or another, you’ve shared something you read or watched on the internet?

Come on, you know you have. Perhaps you’ve emailed an interesting article to a friend or colleague (the digital version of clipping a newspaper article and mailing it in an envelope!), shared a moving or inspiring image or blog post to your Facebook wall, tweeted an irresistible offer for a free or discounted ebook—or maybe you’ve even shared one of those ubiquitous videos of animals doing something cute. (No judgment here—after all, who can resist cute baby animals?!)

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Handpicked Resources for Higher Education Marketing

by Leah Peters | Jan 24, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

The best of the inbound marketing web, just for you.

We scour the web to bring you the best of the best in marketing ideas and resources. Here are some of the things we’re loving lately:

  1. Seth Godin’s blog

Don’t read and subscribe to Seth Godin for a step-by-step marketing primer – read and subscribe to his blog for daily doses of marketing wisdom that is, often enough, wisdom about life itself. For example, in one post, Godin asks us to reconsider paying “the smartphone tax” (not the one that shows up on a monthly bill):

It might be costing you more than you think.

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Earn Your Audience's Attention with Inbound

by Leah Peters | Jan 17, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

Don’t skimp on the quality just to capture an email address—it doesn’t pay off. Here’s how the best higher education marketers do content offers.

Lead generation strategies in higher education these days are all about inbound marketing.

Inbound is kind of like content marketing, but better—it goes well beyond just offering great content to earn (not buy!) your audience’s attention. It’s also about creating a seamlessly integrated system that prospective students can opt into at any time—allowing you and your team a close look at your leads, which in turn enables you to communicate with them in the right way and at the optimal times.

The hinge on which the success or failure of an inbound marketing lead generation strategy depends is this: content.

Every Instagram or Facebook post, every tweet, every blog post, every aspect of your marketing efforts must move toward one crucial goal:

You want the prospective student (or their parent) to enter their contact information into a form, converting them into a lead.

The way you do that?

Offer great content.

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Blogging For Student Enrollment

by Leah Peters | Jan 03, 2017

 |  inbound marketing, social media recruiting strategy

For a while now, we’ve been hearing pundits proclaim that blogs are dead. People’s attention spans are shorter!

Social media not loyalty to a particularly blog, drives content sharing! We’ve looked at the data, though, and we just don’t buy the line that blogging is dead. Sure, blogging has changed a lot over the years, but the basic format of a blog: essentially, a frequently updated page on your website is a winner for search engine rankings—not to mention an excellent way to share valuable content and communicate effectively with your prospective students. The data on blogging is pretty convincing, too: studies have shown that organizations that blog receive greater than 50% more web traffic than organizations who do not blog!

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The Creation of Great Content Is Not An End In Itself

by Leah Peters | Dec 27, 2016

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

Develop a plan for unrolling great content.

As part of your inbound strategy, great content is what you use to draw prospective customers in, attracting and delighting them enough that they’ll be willing to share some of their contact information with you, allowing you, in turn, to continue offering them ever more tailored and timely content appropriate to their needs and interests —nurturing these leads in a highly informed and strategic manner. Great content is great—but only if it is actually motivating people to opt in to continued communications with your marketing team. So as you work toward creating great content, make sure that you keep the end goal in mind from the beginning.

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Earn Your Way In To the Student's Attention Instead of Buying Your Way In

by Leah Peters | Dec 20, 2016

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

Inbound marketing for higher education hinges on this one moment. It’s essential to get it right.

One of the misconceptions we often hear about inbound marketing is that it’s synonymous with content marketing.

This is understandable: both inbound marketing and content marketing are concerned with content, with earning your way in to the prospect’s attention instead of buying your way in, and with creating and promoting a digital presence that generates real buzz and interest.

So both inbound marketing and content marketing begin with content that is valuable and worthwhile—something your target audience would notice, read, and share without your having to pay someone to push it toward their eyeballs.

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The College Recruitment Funnel Has Changed

by Leah Peters | Dec 13, 2016

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

The most effective lead generation strategies in higher education marketing

Perhaps you know by now that lead generation strategies in higher education marketing have changed—a lot. Gone are the days of the direct mail—44% of direct mail is never opened anyway, and just 1 out of 4 students actually respond to college direct mail—the cold calls, the glossy viewbooks, the college fairs.

Well—that’s not quite true. These time-honored lead generation strategies still have their place. It’s still true that word-of-mouth generates leads like crazy. It’s still true that a meaningful face-to-face encounter with an admissions professional makes a big difference.

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What the Most Successful Higher Education Marketers Do

by Leah Peters | Dec 06, 2016

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

Here are the top enrollment-boosting lead generation strategies.

Maybe your higher education marketing budget is closer to shoestring than sizable—but that doesn’t mean that you can’t compete with institutions that are able to spend much more on advertising.

Best practices in higher education marketing no longer favor the Goliaths in the field. In a digital age, glossy (and need we remind you, expensive) viewbooks make much less of an impact than, for example, a really great Instagram feed. Nor do millennial students (or, for that matter, their parents!) really want to receive cold calls and direct mail.

That’s bad news for higher education marketers who rely heavily on these techniques—but great news for marketing departments who have big ideas but smaller budgets.


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