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4 Reasons Why Your Website Visitors Aren’t Converting

by Vicky Lynch | Aug 16, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, college recruitment plan

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything right in your inbound marketing campaign but you’re just not seeing the results you’d expected?

Your higher education institution is hip to the content marketing game. You know how to build a winning website and blog and how to capture attention via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. You may have a million unique visitors a month, but definitely not a million prospective applicants a month.

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The ABCs of A/B Testing

by Vicky Lynch | Jul 15, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

In our last post, 5 Reasons to Love A/B Testing, we took through five compelling reasons why A/B testing, or split testing as it is also known, can definitely help you convert your website visitors. But if you aren’t familiar with the process, it might be a little intimidating to you.

To review, A/B testing is the process of comparing two slightly different versions of the same webpage, email or social media post to see which option leads to a higher conversion rate. You only change one element at a time in order to make sure you are getting accurate results.

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5 Reasons to Love A/B Testing

by Vicky Lynch | Jul 13, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

A/B testing will help you convert your visitors into bona fide leads.

We’ve spent a lot of time on The Educated Marketer talking about ways to increase your web traffic and enhance your content to make your website more effective. A/B testing is the last stop on a long journey to making your website and digital marketing efforts work for you. You need A/B testing once you already have a dynamite website with lots of traffic and relevant content.

A/B testing (otherwise known as split testing) is the process of comparing two slightly different versions of the same webpage, email or social media post to see which option leads to a higher conversion rate. Remember, in order for the test to work, it’s important that when you are running an A/B test, you only change one element at a time like the call-to-action button or an email topic line.

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Should You Ever Pay to Boost a Facebook Post?

by Vicky Lynch | Jul 06, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

We all know that when it comes to social media, organic traffic—that is the traffic that comes from people clicking on a post they are truly interested in—is the most valuable kind. However, are there times when it does make sense to boost a Facebook post?

With more than one and half billion month users—65% of who use the social media platform daily—Facebook is without question a critical channel for your inbound marketing communications. And according to the American Press Institute, 88% of millennials use Facebook to get their news.
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4 Tips on Using Storytelling in Marketing

by Vicky Lynch | Jun 24, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, college recruitment plan

Inbound marketing is all about delivering high quality content that will delight your readers and prompt them to share their information with you because they want more. So it’s no surprise that the best marketers in this new marketing world are storytellers.

What’s more--according to a Onespot infographic, 92% of consumers want ads that feel like a story. The science behind this is that stories activate parts of the brain that make us relate the message with our own ideas and experiences.

Seth Godin, marketing guru and best-selling author highlights the art of authentic storytelling in his book, All Marketers are Liars. He points out that in a world full of nonstop messages, it’s hard to take marketers at face value. However, if we are able to craft authentic stories, then we can capture the imagination of large audiences and gain exposure. We gain trust and we tell a good story.

So how can we begin as marketers to tell stories? How does that work?

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Why Your Website Isn’t Relevant

by Vicky Lynch | Jun 08, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy, website

Most Colleges and Universities have a website and online presence, but if their website isn’t usable and their content isn’t useful, websites that are designed to be helpful are defeating their purpose. Read on to find out how you can make your website relevant.

According to a 2014 Uversity Report, 97% of students have visited the website of a college they are interested in but nearly 2/3 of those students found that the experience was “just ok” or “challenging.” In addition to have trouble actually accessing the sites, only 4 in 10 students found the information and content on the college’s website to be relevant.

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3 Things Your Prospective Students Are Terrified Of (and how this can help you)

by Vicky Lynch | May 20, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

While most high school students can’t wait to get out from under their parent’s roof and off to college, the process of actually leaving home and living on their own can be a daunting one. There are just so many unknown factors when it comes to moving to a completely new place….by themselves!

Why is this important to you, the marketer? In the world of inbound marketing, one of the most important factors in the process is to know your buyer. The profile of your buyer is referred to as a buyer persona. Without knowing your buyer, you can’t possibly set goals or even begin to create a marketing plan.

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Does Your Institution Have A Brand?

by Vicky Lynch | May 18, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, college recruitment plan

The concept of branding is fairly straight forward, but the process is much less so in the world of higher education.

Entrepreneur defines brand as “a promise to your customer. It tells them what you can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors'. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.”

Inside Higher Ed recently published an article discussing why so many universities have similar brands. There’s been a lot of chatter on the internet about it, but basically what it comes down to is that students need to trust an institution if they are going to pursue an education there. The brand matters when students apply, while they are in school and even as alumni.

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Marketers: Are You Optimizing Your Downtime?

by Vicky Lynch | May 13, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, college recruitment plan

School’s out for summer! Enrollment for fall semester is set and high school seniors will likely not be making any decisions for the following year until school starts up again. So what’s a higher education marketer to do?

Sometimes when life is completely hectic, it’s hard to keep up, much less try anything new. Natural breaks provide the chance to do a 180 and break out of your comfort zone.

Summer is a great time to set goals and create a fresh new inbound marketing plan for the 2016/2017 recruiting season.

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Take the Confusion Out of Twitter

by Vicky Lynch | May 11, 2016

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

According to Social Times, as of March 2016, 320 million people use Twitter each month. If you’re like 87% of Americans, you know what Twitter is, but you may have no idea how to use it. It was launched ten years ago in 2006, it can be an incredibly effective promotion tool and yet exactly how to use Twitter remains a mystery to many.

Here are some top reasons you should be using Twitter:

  1. Ability to connect with prospective students. If your prospective students are on Twitter, you need to be too.  
  2. To brand your institution. You don’t have to be a huge university to build brand awareness on Twitter. You just need to be dedicated and tweeting regularly.
  3. Tweets can go viral. If you’ve never had a tweet go viral, it’s hard to understand the phenomenon. But it happens, and it can happen to you.

    The good news is: If you take a little bit of time to understand how Twitter works and best practices you need to follow, you will be happily tweeting and sharing your message with millions of users across the world.

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