Top 6 Trends in AI Marketing for 2020

Marketing in the age of AI


Top 6 Trends in AI Marketing for 2020

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The use of artificial intelligence in marketing has made marketing easier and more efficient in many ways. This is only going to grow in 2020 and beyond as AI tools get more and more efficient and become more adept at more tasks. Here’s where we see AI going in 2020.


Real-Time Customer Interactions

Customers these days want answers to questions right away and they want content that is specifically tailored to them. They don’t want to have to wait hours or days. Enter AI. With the abundance of data available to marketers, AI tools can now tailor messaging and content to individuals right at the right moment.

Content Marketing Tasks

Artificial intelligence can’t write long form content. Yet. But it can automate a lot of other tasks such as social media updates, ad copy and email subject lines. The benefit is that it can also analyze existing data and find where there are gaps in your content strategy that could help with search rankings or increased traffic by finding the right keywords or phrases. These kinds of improvements will be the thing that separates you from your competitors.

Digital Advertising Automation

As reaching the right people with the right message continues to be of paramount importance, automated targeting options are going to become more widely used. These identify right-fit audiences which helps to reach the right people and reduce ad budgets. The refining of AI in prevalent ad platforms will continue to help digital advertisers create optimal campaigns that reach the right audiences.


Using historical data to send messages only when people are most likely to engage will continue to be an up and coming option for AI marketing. Using reams of data, AI tools can analyze a person’s behavior over time and then tailor messages and send times accordingly.

Automation of SEO tasks

AI tools can help get your content optimized for search and aligned with what people are searching for. They can help with important tasks like SEO and topic suggestions. Using a tool like Concured will enable you to discover what people are searching for and will allow your content to be seen by prospective customers. Other tools like Bright Edge Autopilot can automate SEO tasks. But the beauty of platforms like this is that they don’t make SEO jobs obsolete, they just free up time for experts to work on more intensive projects.

Voice Assistance

Voice search is becoming ever more widely adopted, especially in home smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With huge increases in online searching happening via voice searches, you need to make sure your business is optimized for this kind of search.

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