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The ABCs of A/B Testing

by Vicky Lynch | Jul 15, 2016

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In our last post, 5 Reasons to Love A/B Testing, we took through five compelling reasons why A/B testing, or split testing as it is also known, can definitely help you convert your website visitors. But if you aren’t familiar with the process, it might be a little intimidating to you.


To review, A/B testing is the process of comparing two slightly different versions of the same webpage, email or social media post to see which option leads to a higher conversion rate. You only change one element at a time in order to make sure you are getting accurate results.

Here are some examples of elements of your website, social media page or email marketing plan you might test:
  • Call-to-actions
  • Blog headline
  • Email subject line
  • Images
  • Links
  • Paragraph text
  • Promotional offers

Now that you know what to test, here are some easy steps to conducting your own A/B test:

  1. Figure out what isn’t working

You probably came up with the idea to A/B test based on something you don’t think it working with your website. What is it? Do you have data from Google Analytics or Hubspot to back this up?

  1. Decide how to test it

Even if you are doing the testing yourself, you will need a tool. The good news is that it’s likely the marketing software you are using, as mentioned above, does have a test.

  1. Set up the test

You will need to create two nearly identical designs of what you are testing. The first will be your control, the second will be your test. Make the single change you want to test to the latter. Also decide upon a conversion goal.

  1. Run the test

This is where your tool comes in. You can set it up to only test new visitors (so that you aren’t alienating frequent visitors,) and the test will be random. This will help account for a time of day or month that is resulting in better conversion rates.

  1. Draw a conclusion

What did you learn from your results? Did one version of what you were testing perform higher than the other? A/B testing is not always conclusive, but the good news is if you didn’t come to a conclusion, it’s easy to start over and test something different.

If you are still unsure, you can always someone to conduct your A/B testing for you. Upwork is just one site where you can put in your job and get bids from freelancers, or you could also consider contracting with a firm who specializes in A/B testing.

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