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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--September 4

by Vicky Lynch | Sep 04, 2018


Social Media Security Remains King

As we’ve shared on this blog—and seen all over the net—Twitter has been working hard to clean up their act, reducing fake accounts and bots in-an-attempt to stop the spread of fake news. But is it enough?

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, doesn’t think so. He acknowledged this week that the work Twitter has done so far has just been to tackle the surface of the problems the platform faces. In an interview with the Washington Post, Dorsey says he is planning reforms that will affect Twitter’s basic functionality including changing “likes, sharing alternative viewpoints and labeling bots.

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Instagram is joining the ranks of social media platforms making big changes announcing Tuesday they are rolling out a 3-part security plan designed to make the app safer for users. Companies will be asked to verify their accounts and with proper documentation will be given a blue checkmark badge, signifying to users that the company is legitimate.

Meanwhile, Over at Facebook

Facebook continues their scramble back into the public favor as well, shutting down 652 Iran-backed accounts. The accounts had nearly 813,000 followers and had spent nearly $12,000 in advertising on the platform. Twitter has shut down 284 similar accounts.

In other news, Facebook is launching Watch, a video rival to YouTube and they are taking their outreach global. As part of the launch, they are offering huge financial incentives to content creators. Video makers will be eligible to receive a percentage of the ad-revenue on popular videos. The incentive is available stateside for now--but will expand internationally this fall.

Social Media Popularity and Taking a Stand

We reported last week on data that showed Facebook’s popularity is weaning for the first time. However, according to a new study from eMarketer, although Facebook has plateaued, they are still the most popular platform with every demographic besides teens. Snapchat, the most popular with teens is projected to remain on top through 2022.

On the fence about whether-or-not to take a stand on social media? A mis-step could be costly, but it might be worth the risk. Sprout Social just conducted a study that showed that nearly 66% of consumers say it’s important to take a stand on political and social issues—with 58% citing social media as an appropriate place to do so. And it’s not just for multi-million-dollar companies. Small businesses can make a real impact in their communities by taking a stand.

Want More Twitter Engagement?

All the rules and changing algorithms on social media platforms change the game for advertisers on almost a weekly basis. Want to get more Twitter engagement?

Although Twitter changed it’s rules on identical tweets back in February—taking away the ability to retweet popular tweets—Buffer ran an experiment that can increase your engagement by up to 90% on the platform. Check it out!

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