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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--October 15

by Vicky Lynch | Oct 15, 2018


One Breach Too Many?

Nearly two weeks after the most recent Facebook security breach, the platform is releasing more details into the extent of the hack. The good news is that the breach only effected 30 million users, versus the original estimate of 50 million users. The bad news? Extensive personal data was collected from about 15 million users. While that info hasn’t yet been used on the web to Facebook’s knowledge, its worth knowing where you stand. Check here to see if your account was affected.

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Some social media platforms are so huge, they can withstand several huge data breaches (ahem). Others cannot. Google+ will be singing their swan song after a large security breach exposed hundreds of thousands of users’ private data earlier this year.

The Google+ breach happened at the same time as the Cambridge Analytica Scandal but was not revealed to the public as it didn’t reach thresholds the company had set for public notification. Because the breach was detected and fixed prior to GDPR law going into effect last May, the company will not face hefty fines. While Google+ will be phased out over the next 10 months for consumers, the platform will stay available for businesses.

The security breaches just keep coming. The public is fed up and calling for change and even the big tech companies are calling for federal internet privacy regulations. Why? Well, California passed a huge internet security law in June and lawsuits are starting to roll-in. Rather than deal with a patchwork of individual state laws and fines, tech companies would have an easier time following one-set of federal regulations that would trump state laws. Do Americans need an Internet Bill of Rights? Congressman Ro Khanna, who represents Silicon Valley constituents, says yes.

Social Chat and Fighting Online Bullies

Buffer has announced SocialChat, a new feature that can be added to any website or blog with just a few lines of code that enables visitors to start a social media conversation right on your website. Enhance your website with this 100% free feature by visiting the Buffer website.

Facebook has introduced a pair of digital calling devices—Portal and Portal Plus to help bring us all closer together. Both feature a 12-mega pixel camera with HD video and AI to follow users as they move. The cameras, the result of a collaboration with Amazon will be controlled by speaking “Alexa”. Some experts speculate about whether this is a good time to introduce the products. After all, many users have deep privacy concerns and inviting voice-activated cameras into their home may not be the way to quell those fears.

Instagram announced this week that they are rolling out anti-bullying features site-wide. A machine will detect posts that appear to be “attacks on a person’s appearance or character, as well as threats to a person’s well-being or health.” Flagged posts will then be reviewed by a human moderator. These safeguards appear to be a response to a 2017 study that found that nearly half of reported social media bullying incidents happened on Instagram.

More Marketing News-You-Can-Use

Facebook held its annual marketing partner summit this week and made some key announcements. First up, they are re-vamping their Marketing Partner program by more closely integrating small agencies and consultants with tech companies to improve creative and measurement on the platform. They are also introducing Facebook Pro, a program that will provide smaller agencies with access to faster support in the form of Messenger, live-streamed training and one-on-one consultations with Facebook’s marketing science team.

It appears the changes are being made to not just be helpful, but to build advertiser confidence and increase advertising for the Facebook in a time where greater transparency is demanded.

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