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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--November 2

by Vicky Lynch | Nov 02, 2018


Video is the Future

Zuckerberg has spoken and he’s betting the future of Facebook on video and disappearing stories, not the newsfeed that has made the platform so successful. For now, investors seem to be behind him as stock prices rise higher than they have in six months. But 2019 is going to be a make-it or break-it year for the popular platform.

Currently the main video services, Facebook Watch and Instagram TV are way behind leader YouTube, but Zuckerberg insists this signifies room to grow. There’s also the tiny issue of needing to win back user trust.

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In related news, it could be an interesting election year—or week. Apparently, although Facebook has made security changes, there are no legal restrictions on how Facebook fights political ads.

How Well Do You Know Your Brand?

Describe your brand’s target market. Are you confident that you truly know the answer? The better you understand your specific market, the better you can target it. With the stakes so high, it’s worth a check--Hootsuite identifies 7 tips on how to conduct audience research.

BrightLocal found that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. So what do you do when you get a bad review? Well, the good news is that Harvard Business Review study showed that any response to a bad consumer review reflected favorably on the company. The lesson here? Don’t be afraid—face criticism head-on. You have nothing to lose.

Looking to Refresh Your Marketing Strategy?

Did you know you can use Facebook groups to generate leads and sales? And that it’s also completely free? And that if you already know how to use Facebook, you basically have all the tools you will need? Read this Entrepreneur article to learn how Luis Congdon, CEO of Thriving Launch has used Facebook groups to generate six figures in revenue each year.

Interested in jumping on the influencer marketing band-wagon? It could be a smart more. According to INVESP, influencer marketing has 11 times the ROI of normal digital marketing. So, where should you start? Check out this article from Buffer that helps you find the right influencer for your company.

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