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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--November 15

by Vicky Lynch | Nov 15, 2018


Forecast for 2019

The holidays are fast approaching, as is the end of the calendar year. It’s time to reflect on what worked this year and more importantly, what didn’t. And of course, it’s time to predict what’s going to be the hottest marketing trend of 2019.

According to Buffer, social media personalization is going to be all the rage next year for businesses of all types and sizes. Buffer sites a recent Epsilon study that shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if the company offers a personal experience. Computers can do a lot, but for now, this type of marketing will heavily on actual human interaction.

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Experts are also predicting the video will be all the rage on social media in 2019. Carlos Gil, a contributor for Entreprenuer offers 5 tips for growing your presence on the YouTube. YouTube currently boasts 1.9 billion users and is almost the size of Facebook. And the 35-55 demographic is the fastest growing one on the platform. What are you waiting for?

What else will be hot next year? Buffer Podcast is also offering a 5-Part Small Business Marketing Playbook with new tips and ideas for businesses in 2019.

New Features Continue to Roll-Out

The end of the year may be drawing near, but we still have six-weeks left of 2018. It’s business as usual across social media platforms and apps as they continue to add new features and tweak existing ones.

Google has announced that they will be rolling out changes to their Google My Business app that will make it easier for business owners to connect with their customers. The changes include a “quick post” button, which will offer an easy way to add photos, share promotions and add information to a business profile. They have also added a new Customer tab, where companies can see all their followers in one place, track their reviews and engage with them one-on-one.

Ever sent a message to the wrong person on Facebook messenger? Guess what? You will now be able to unsend that message. The only stipulation is that you will have to “unsend” the message within 10 minutes of the time when it was first sent. The feature rolled-out in select countries yesterday including Bolivia, Lithuania and Columbia, but will be coming soon to a country near you.

Instagram has finally started to roll-out the “your activity” feature that was announced back in August. In addition to seeing the time spent on the app, the new feature includes tools for setting personal daily time limits and options to temporarily mute push notifications. With this new feature, Instagram joins Google, Apple and other tech companies in the quest to help users better manage their in-app time.

Become a Thought-Leader

Chances are—if you’re reading this blog—you are already promoting your business or service through social media platforms. But how are you marketing yourself? Did you know that Read up on SocialMediaToday on 8 steps to make yourself into a thought leader through social media.

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