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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--May 15, 2018

by C. Grant & Company | May 15, 2018


Privacy Concerns Trump All

Privacy is a hot-button topic for sure and we will likely see that continue into the summer and perhaps for the better part of 2018 while companies scramble to assure users they are keeping their information secure.

Facebook has suspended 200 apps that may have leaked private data, pending investigation. This may indicate privacy concerns are not over even though Facebook’s stock has rebounded to pre-scandal levels.

While many individuals left Facebook following the #deletefacebook movement, few small businesses did. Apparently, 80% of small businesses use Facebook to promote their business and most of the posts created are meant for public consumption. Since the whole point is sharing their content, there is little concern about who gets ahold of it.

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Matthew Wilson, a guest contributor for Entrepreneur cautions social media users that trying to separate your personal from your business life is pointless, as we are all connected now. But he makes a point that every post you make, personal or business related, adds to or takes away from your personal brand. Wilson offers five helpful questions to ask before you post to avoid oversharing.

Do you still have personal privacy concerns? Check out a recent article PC Mag compiled of 12 things you can do to keep your information secure.

Secret Conversations, Studies and Storage

The Pew Research Group released a study that shows that 76% of adults feel that the internet has been good for society. This is down 6 points since 2014. The study also revealed the fact that one in five Americans use mobile devices exclusively for internet at home.

Word on the street is that Twitter is set to join the private messaging game. The service, dubbed “secret conversation” will first be offered on android devices and the feature will be in the conversation info section of the app. The feature will allow messages to be sent privately between a sender and recipient without giving access to the company whose platform is being used or by anyone else trying to intercept the message.

Google is rolling out new, less expensive storage plans and renaming them Google One. The plans will also be shareable for up to 5 family members and most notably, will include access to live support. The support option was previously only available to G Suite business account holders. Plans start at $1.99 a month for 100 GB and go up to $299.99 a month for 30 TB of storage.

Case Study Central

This week we are highlighting a case study featured on Buffer. Are you successful at converting leads on Facebook? Read on to learn how the Miami Dolphins generated $4 million in sales during their offseason through Facebook video.

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