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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--May 1, 2018

by C. Grant & Company | May 01, 2018


Cambridge Analytica is Out of the Spotlight—For Now

Facebook has been dominating our newsletter lately. Thankfully, for now, attention has shifted away from the Cambridge Analytica scandal—for the most partthat has dominated the news cycles for the last month.

But hold on, before you completely dismiss the scandal--it was revealed just this week that Cambridge Analytica also purchased tweets from Twitter over a five-month-period in 2014-2015. While Twitter has confirmed this, they have clarified that Cambridge Analytica did not obtain personal data of Twitter users. Stay-tuned?

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.22.22 AM

Facebook seems to have weathered the storm, but the tone will likely be a bit more somber at f8, their yearly developer conference which kicks off today--May 1.

Interested in the news coming out of the conference? Bufferapp has put together a checklist of what marketers can expect to hear about at the f8 conference--the future of the newsfeed, updates to Instagram for business and of course, data privacy.

More Facebook, Twitter and a Social Media Spectacle

Facebook has made some changes to Messenger Kids, an app they launched earlier this year. Parents can now put the app on “sleep” mode. This can be a one-time restriction, or one that reoccurs—as in after 8:00 pm at night. Many are still skeptical, however, on whether a kid’s app should even be available.

Twitter is moving to promote more news in your timeline and has started to link tweets that mention a specific link together. The app, which has been listed under the news category in the App store since 2016, is also airing live news shows on its homepage and compiling viral tweets into stories through its Moments tool.

These Twitter moves appear to be the exact opposite of the ones Facebook has recently made to make local stories more prominent than national ones. It will be interesting to see how these differences develop on their respective platforms.

Snap, Snapchat’s parent company has released the second generation of their Spectacles, a wearable video camera that records brief clips and can be synced to a smartphone. The new version still captures video, but is waterproof and can stake still photos as well. The first generation was not very popular, so the company is hoping to breathe new life into the concept. While a convenient way to capture video, the glasses do raise privacy concerns among consumers.

First Quarter Earnings Are In

Several companies have announced their first-quarter-earnings and unsurprisingly, users and advertising revenue continue to grow.

Facebook seems to have successful converted itself to the mobile platform, announcing that for the first time, over 90% of their ad revenue comes from mobile ads. Zuckerberg also acknowledged that despite “important challenges”, Facebook is off to a great start in 2018.

Twitter is also off to a strong start for the year, announcing that video is now their fastest-growing advertising format. They also reported that they have made progress fighting spam.

A recent study by MBLM however, can serve as a cautionary warning to marketers. Although ad buys are up, consumers aren’t emotionally connecting to brands and there is a “steep” decline in trust for social media. These findings show there is a huge opportunity for marketers looking to create resonance and demonstrate value with their mobile efforts.

Spotlight on Video

Looking to brush up your video skills? Here are a few recent articles to keep in your tool box:

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