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Stories Marketers are Talking About Today--March 15, 2018  

by C. Grant & Company | Mar 15, 2018


Social Media—New Facts, a Throwback and the Future of Tech

The Pew Research Center released their latest social-media use findings early this month. Facebook still holds to strong to the #1 spot—nearly 2/3 of U.S. adults report they are users and just about 75% visit the site daily. YouTube also holds a top spot with 73% of adults using the platform. As marketers already know, young adults heavily skew towards Snapchat and Instagram.

The New York Times reported this week on the growing number of firms that investigate and identify bots--fake accounts that follow Instagram celebrity personalities. The services have sprung up on the heels of another report that revealed the number of people buying fake followers to increase the amount they could charge marketers.

Market Refresh March 15, 2018

Companies that fight bot fraud like Dovetale and Sylo are becoming more important for marketers to accurately determine the value of their marketing spend, but more action from Instagram is also needed.

Universe, a mobile-based website builder for the social media age, is launching their service which allows users to easily customize a mobile-optimized grid website in minutes, uploading photos, videos and icons on the iOS app. Their user-friendly app channels the easy customization we all remember from social-media-dinosaur MySpace, but to a new generation of users.

All this talk about Instagram bots and creating a website from a mobile device in minutes sounds far-fetched, but the future is coming faster than we realize. TechNewsWorld reported last week on a recent survey that Dell developed with The Institute for the Future, observing that for the most part, business leaders have no clue what the future will bring and that 50% of those surveyed would not only put themselves out of business by 2030, but that many expect that outcome.

The study surveyed futurists and thousands of business leaders to determine what the future will be and how well we are prepared for it. (Spoiler, we’re not!) Read the full study here.

Is Good Content All You Need to Win the SEO Game?

SearchEngineJournal’s Roger Monti, attempts to examine Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update. Danny Sullivan at Google confirmed there was an update last week, but shoots down the speculation that it was targeting low-quality websites. It appears updates happen quite often at Google—up to 2x a day, but the one last week only happens a couple times a year. SEO gurus--there is allegedly no fix for beating the algorithm. Instead, Google suggests focusing on producing high-quality content.

Still, good content might not be enough in this day-and-age. It is important, but if no one can find your content, you’re spinning your wheels. SearchEngineJournal suggests companies call in the big guns—SEO professionals--to do a SEO audit. The audit should measure performance, crawlability and indexation.

Forbes also reported last week that social sharing has plummeted since 2015, facing marketers with an even bigger dilemma—the need to find new, fresh strategies for reaching consumers with quality content.

More Social Media News-You-Can-Use

In more Google news, Google AdWords has announced they will be introducing new insights for click-to-message ads. These are ads that when clicked on, take the user to a company representative to chat back-and-forth. The new insights will examine chat rate, chat start time, and the number of messages sent in a session.

Last Friday, Twitter suspended a number of popular accounts—with millions of followers—who have stolen tweets or tried to conspire with others to force their tweets and those of paying customers to go viral. Kudos to Twitter for working to clean up their platform. This comes on the heels of recent actions to purge bots, tweaking site rules and banning face-swap videos.

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