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Stories Marketers are Talking About Today--March 1, 2018 

by C. Grant & Company | Mar 01, 2018


Brand Loyalty is Out—Engagement is In

According to Fast Company, marketers can stop worrying about brand loyalty and instead focus on engaging with their customers. The article blames the rise of technology on an increasingly disconnected society. Brands should be building spaces, products and experiences that bring people together—that is the future of marketing. At least for now.

Fast Company uses the example of Rapha Cycle Club (RCC), a membership organization that started as-a-way-to promote Rapha apparel is changing the way companies engage with their customers. Their customers are “members” and they are invited to Rapha clubhouses and on rides with employees and other members.

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Engagement is King Across Social Media Platforms

The shift isn’t just for advertisers—in 2018, engagement is king all over social media platforms. And what happens when users are more engaged? A captive audience for marketers.

YouTube’s Super Chat feature--which allows users to pay to have a highlighted comment visible to the broadcaster--is expanding. Previously only available on desktop and android, Super Chat is coming to an iOS device near you. And over the next couple months, the feature itself will offer real-life capabilities like light switch operation and drone activation. It sounds cool. The jury is still out on how valuable that might prove to be.

Entrepreneur reports that while Twitter was losing ground in 2017, the switch to 280-character-tweets has been very beneficial to the social media giant. A top executive said they are seeing more engagement—more retweets, more mentions and more followers.

Remember all those algorithm changes Facebook has made in 2018 that we’ve been following? Mark Zuckerberg says they are designed to increase “meaningful interactions between people.” Along those lines, Social Media Examiner blogged last week about how companies can drive meaningful interactions in groups.

Other Hot-News in Social Media

Facebook has announced plans to remove 20 outdated ad metrics. The move should help rather than harm advertisers as the change is happening to improve clarity of ad measurement on the platform. In addition, Facebook will be launching a “Measurement Matters” program in March to help marketers learn measurement principles.

YouTube has also announced other new features that will be available including live automatic captions, livechat replays and location tagging. The new services will increase YouTube’s viewing audience and enable location searches, which may prove more valuable for regional marketing.

Snapchat has formally responded to a petition with nearly 800,000 signatures that was created as a backlash for a recent redesign that was initiated to make it easier to connect with friends—again with the engagement!

While Snapchat is standing behind the redesign, saying that users just need some time to adjust, they have pledged to add new tabs in Friends and Discover to allow users to sort snaps and customize their experience on the app.

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