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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--June 1

by C. Grant & Company | Jun 01, 2018


The State of the Internet

Mary Meeker has released her 2018 internet report, a treasure-trove of information for advertisers. Some key points of interest? As of 2018, half the world’s population is now on the internet, American adults are clocking 5.9 hours of internet use a day on mobile devices and the shift to mobile has created a 7-billion-dollar ad opportunity. Read the full report here.

Are you horrified that we are all spending nearly 6 hours online on our phones and tablets? Don’t be. Everyone always wants to talk about the ways the internet is ruining our lives, but maybe that’s not completely true. There are nearly 6 million apps available and Marketing Tech highlights the apps that help us manage money, focus on tasks and stay healthy.

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Snap to It

Big stuff going on at Snapchat this month. First of all, on the heels of the Snappables launch last month—interactive augmented games that are controlled through touch, motion and facial expressions—Snapchat will be rolling out new lenses that respond to sound. The more sound in the background, the faster the lens will change.

Snapchat has also began running 6-second ads that users can’t skip. The ads are like ones you would see on TV and will only run during Snapchat shows. The change comes after advertisers complained that users were only viewing 2-seconds of their commercials. Snapchat hopes to strike a better balance in keeping advertisers, investors and of course, users, happy.

Still not using Snapchat for your business? Here’s a useful article to help you take advantage of what the platform has to offer.

Ads, More Ads and Social Media News You Can Use

Google is testing new ad cards and placing them right in the middle of the Google Feed, making them pretty-hard to avoid for mobile users. When asked about the new ads, Google confirmed it was just in the test stages and is “always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users”.

Verizon and AT&T are planning to offer higher priced and more targeted ad campaigns to companies like Time Warner by utilizing user data—including locations and media consumption. Not exactly the type of news consumers are excited to hear but shows nothing is private anymore.

Instagram has added new features to help users personalize their feeds. In the next couple weeks, they will be rolling out a “mute” function which will allow users to “mute” friends’ feeds and stories without unfriending them. They have also added a “all caught up” alert, which will indicate users have seen all photos and stories from the past 48-hours.

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