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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--July 2

by Vicky Lynch | Jul 02, 2018


Privacy Continues its Journey Down the Rabbit-Hole

Privacy is making a come-back following the GDPR rules and the Facebook Analytical scandal, right? Not so fast. Turns out we all need to pay a little bit more attention to the new privacy settings.

According to a new consumer advocacy report from the Norwegian Consumer Council, Google and Facebook are misleading European users into sharing more of their personal data than they might like through carefully crafted wording specifically designed to get people to agree to sharing info that the GDPR rules were designed to protect. While this mainly is a concern for those who live in Europe, the implications of major tech companies tricking their customers into sharing information reaches across the pond. Read the full report here.

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A new law just passed in California, will grant citizens sweeping internet privacy rights like those put in place by the GDPR rules. The measure was funded by one wealthy Californian and despite opposition from companies including Google, Facebook, AT&T and Comcast, was signed into law. The new policies don’t go into effect until 2020 but will give consumers the right to learn what companies know about them and sue if companies fail to protect their data.

Trust. What is it Good For? (Absolutely Nothing)

Google is popping up a lot this week. A recent report from AppAuthority shows that thousands of Android and iOS apps are leaking sensitive data including plain-text user names and passwords, GPS locations, financial information and health data and prescriptions. The affected apps use Firebase as their database, a company owned by Google. Google has yet to release the full list of apps or more details.

In light of the disturbing news we just covered, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Pew Research Center released a new study last week showing that 72% of Americans believe that social media platforms actively censor political views and opinions that the companies don’t agree with. Still, many of these same users will continue to use the platforms as 74% of those polled say that tech companies and products have been more beneficial than not in their personal lives.  

The Sunny Side of Tech News

Because not all is doom and gloom the past couple of weeks, we’ve also compiled some positive social media news-you-can-use.

Instagram has announced IGTV, their new initiative that allows users to create stand-along video channels for longform video. This announcement comes on the heels of Instagram hitting 1 billion users and puts them in an excellent position to rival YouTube. IGTV is just for full-screen vertical videos, but like YouTube, anyone can create an open channel and users can follow channels and interact with video makers through comments.

LinkedIn will now allow users to translate posts into 60 different languages. Posts will display a “see translation” option if LinkedIn detects a different language and country from the default one in your settings. For now, the feature will only be available on desktops and mobile web but will be rolled-out to mobile apps soon.

According to sources outside the company, Snapchat may be launching a gaming platform inside their app. While experts speculate they are beginning to act a little like “old Facebook”, gaming could make a lot of sense for the platform. Games could boost engagement and keep users inside the app and could partner with publishers to get exclusive games or Snap-enabled game spin-offs.

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