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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--July 16

by Vicky Lynch | Jul 16, 2018


Advertisers: Don’t Fear, Help is Here!

Having the right message, design, ad words and timing across multiple platforms is a HUGE challenge for today’s marketers.

Google wants to help. The company has announced a new suite of machine learning tools, aimed at helping marketers create more effective ads. The new products include responsive search ads, maximum lift for YouTube, local campaigns and smart shopping campaigns. Marketers who tested the services saw a 15% increase in click-throughs.

Facebook wants to help too. The company has announced a new augmented reality feature that allows users to virtually try on items with “just-one-click”. The new feature was designed to give advertisers more bang-for-their-buck on the platform. At launch, the feature is limited to users in the US.

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The AR announcement was also accompanied by the release of a mobile Video Creation Kit, which gives advertisers the power to create simple video ads using existing images, overlays and logos. The kit was created following Facebook’s findings that 79% of users would rather watch video than read text on a page.

Reddit, one of the top 5 most-used websites in the US also announced new offerings for advertisers last week. The popular site will feature “top-ad takeover” campaigns which will feature one advertiser for 24-hours with promoted ads at the top and sides of the page. They are also launching special topics in “subreddits” which will target ads to specific demographics. This content will be written by a “brand-strategy team” who will write sponsored material in a “Reddit-friendly” style to more cohesively blend with the website’s existing content.

The Big Twitter Purge and Social Media Activism

The Twitter purge has started and while everyone should see a slight decline in followers (around 5-6%), some celebrities including Katie Perry, Justin Bieber and even former president Barack Obama, have lost millions of followers. Twitter hopes the fake or inactive-account crackdown will restore users’ faith in the platform, where celebrity and influence can be inflated by fake or outdated accounts. Twitter projects there will be 6% less followers total by the end of the campaign.

The Pew Research Institute released a new study last week focusing on activism in the social media age. 64% of those surveyed felt that social media gave a voice to those who were previously underrepresented. But nearly 77% felt that social media also works to distract users from what is really important and 71% agreed with the assertion that “social media makes people believe they’re making a difference when they really aren’t.”

The new Pew Research study was released on the heels of the report that the center released in April focusing on the fact that a declining majority of adults feel the internet has been good for society.

All good food-for-thought as we evaluate the pros-and-cons of the digital age.

Quick Tips to Up Your Marketing-Game

Before posting on social media, you should always consider the “best time to post,” right? Not so fast. Bufferapp suggests there may be a number of reasons advertisers need to focus less on the “best-time” and focus more on the right time to post for your brand. Read the full article here.

Looking to try something new in your social media campaigns? According to Entrepreneur, memes are an increasingly popular way to reach your consumers. Memes allow you to use humor and entertainment to attract attention and are easily shareable in newsfeeds. Tips for creating the perfect meme? Don’t overthink it, just be relatable and timing is everything.

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