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Stories Marketers are Talking About Today--February 15, 2018 

by C. Grant & Company | Feb 15, 2018


Times They Are Changing—The Olympics and Social Media Marketing

Before, the Olympics were only available through our televisions, but with the rise of social media, the Olympics are accessible in a way they have never been before. Every two years, we enter a magical hiatus, ignoring everything else to pump 24-7 competitions into our homes, featuring the best and brightest young athletes from around the world

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Adweek points out that advertisers have more options than ever before to reach their audience through sponsorships as athletes connect with fans and promote brands across social media platforms. And because interest in conversations and behind-the-scenes action at the Olympics is so universal--any brand can join the conversation.

Snapchat and NBC sports have really jumped on this opportunity with an exclusive partnership providing live 2-6 minute live streams of key events through the Snapchat app. Users can also sign up to be notified when certain events start. Another part of the deal includes NBC stickers and filters and members of Team USA posting their personal stories on Snapchat.

Watch out—Google Chrome’s Ad Block is Live

Google Chrome’s ad blocker went live today. So what do advertisers need to know about this? It’s Google’s attempt to block the most annoying pop up ads on both desktop and mobile devices. But they are only banning those that do-not-adhere-to the Coalition for Better Ads guidelines, which make up less than 1% of all ads.

And at the same time that Google is working to block your junk ads, they are also rolling out a new AMP story format giving content providers a way to easily publish eye-catching tap-through stories on mobile devices. The new format will load stories quickly and be immediately available in Google search results.

Other Need-to-Know Social Media Headlines

Singular, a mobile attribution and campaign analytics platform has released their annual rankings on the best ROI for mobile ads. Snapchat and Twitter both ranked high with both growth in revenue and solid results for advertisers.

Snap, Inc. announced Wednesday that they will start providing celebrities and influencers with data on views, engagement and demographics. This comes in-an-attempt to prevent the mass exodus of advertisers to Facebook owned Instagram’s Stories. For now, only top influencers who have “cultivated a large audience” will have access to the new analytics.

Changes are also coming to Pinterest. The app announced new sorting tools Wednesday that will give users the ability to archive boards, re-arrange pins and divide them into sections in existing boards. The jury is still out on how this will affect advertisers, but it’s expected these changes will provide even more valuable data to lure advertisers.

The fall-out continues over the Facebook algorithm changes announced last month. Bufferapp got an inside look at the new algorithm and predicts that the changes are ultimately a good thing for everyone. Marketers are just going to have to find even more-meaningful-ways to connect with their audiences to remain relevant.

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