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Stories Marketers are Talking About Today--February 7, 2018

by C. Grant & Company | Feb 05, 2018


It looks like 2018 is already shaping up to be the biggest year yet for digital marketing. And the market is shifting. Advertiser Perceptions forecasts that nearly 60% of the largest advertisers will be putting their advertising firms up for review this year. Mobile searches are up and digital content is king--that means that marketing firms are more able to measure and track results, upping the ante across the board.

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Jeff Pruitt, writer for Inc. projects that three skill sets will be most important to marketing firms hoping to prove their value; the ability to demonstrate impact, data and technology savvy and business-over-creative.

Buffer and Social Media Week recently released their State of Social Media report as well. The main takeaways are that there are huge opportunities to reach customers via messaging apps, companies that invest in social media ads are twice-as-likely to call social media marketing “very effective” for their business and engagement was identified as the top way to measure ROI in social media marketing.

Speaking of engagement, Facebook owned free messaging app, WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Business, an app aimed to make it easier for small companies to communicate with individual customers and to create a more official presence on the app.

The continuing shift to digital marketing is impacting Google’s business in 2018. According to Adage, Forrester released a new report that Google’s ad revenue is decreasing and will likely to continue declining due to competition from Amazon and other apps. Overall, although Google is seeing a decline, the search market on mobile is growing with competitors including Amazon, Pinterest and Apple.

On the heels of the Facebook Algorithm change earlier this month announcing posts from friends, family and groups will rank higher in users’ newsfeed more in the coming year; Mark Zuckerburg announced on Monday that local news stories and outlets will also be featured more prominently in users’ newsfeed. The move is to help users interact with their community, but it presents a greater challenge for advertisers to reach a broad audience.

Facebook also announced on Tuesday a temporary ban on all ads for Bit coin, ICOs and other crypto currency in an attempt to provide higher-quality-ads to users that are less likely to lead to scams and deception.

This could be in response to a study from GumGum and Custom that found 75% of brands were exposed to brand safety last year. Facebook was named as the least safe social media platform and LinkedIn was named the safest.

In other social media news, Instagram announced Tuesday that businesses will now be able to schedule their posts. The long awaited feature will not apply to ads, however, and is not available through Instagram itself, but through third-party providers. It’s likely that only larger businesses who can afford the third-party services will be able to use the feature for now.

Bloomberg reported last week that Twitter is working on a Snapchat-like-feature, making it easier to post videos to the platform. Text has always reigned supreme on Twitter, but these changes will help Twitter rebuild as the “what’s happening now” social media platform. There isn’t currently a timeline for when the new feature will be available.

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