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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--December 17

by Vicky Lynch | Dec 17, 2018


It’s Time—Marketing on Instagram and to Gen Zers

We’ve been talking about Instagram for a while, but they recently hit the 1 billion user mark. Last call for all stragglers--if you aren’t using Instagram, it’s time! So, what can make your business an Insta success? Forbes shares 5 of the biggest mistakes companies make.

It feels like we’ve been talking about Millennials for about a millennium. But move over, it’s time to focus on a new generation. Generation Z is anyone born after 1995, and what’s different about them is that they have never been without technology. Literally every single traditional marketing tactic will not work on them.

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Luckily, Millennials--who make up the majority of those working now--also have a deep understanding of technology and understand this group. According to Jacky Chou, founder of Indexy, marketing to Gen Zers means building cult brands, using social media influencers and making things as fast as possible. No more shiny postcards and pamphlets.

More Bugs and Breaches

Remember when Google announced in October they would be shutting down Google+ to consumers in August 2019 after a privacy data breach? Well, they just moved their sunset date up 4 months to April after a data “vulnerability”. While names, birthdates, emails and other information were exposed for a week, Google says they have no evidence of the data being misused.

Is anyone else hoping that by February we can say, “Facebook breach? That’s so 2018?” In the meantime, there was news of yet another breach this past week. Officials at the company discovered a bug that allowed outsider usage of private photos. This time, 6.8 million people were affected. It’s worrying because the longer these shenanigans go on, the less marketers will feel confident pouring their money into the platform’s ads.

How is your Internet security? Are you sure a hacker can’t access your private data or credit card information? SplashData has released their annual list of the worst passwords. It’s worth a read to see if you might be guilty of one of them (or something similar), or just for a good chuckle.

Ready Player One?

Facebook has issued a report based on a study they ran, claiming that virtual reality will soon become a daily part of lives when it comes to shopping and socializing. The platform purchased Oculus, a virtual reality headset developer back in 2014, so they have been priming for this.

While the majority of VR is used in gaming at-the-moment, it will increasingly be used in the travel and retail industries. Get ready to see how your marketing dollars can be put-to-use in a virtual playground.

The future is banging down our door, with artificial intelligence set to balloon by the year 2030. The Pew Research Institute released an interesting study showing reflecting that most experts surveyed (63%), predict that humans will be better off in the future. But many also caution that we will have to work aggressively and hold companies responsible for creating technology that reflects our values. The rise of AI will inevitably have deep implications for marketers.

Well, that’s our round-up of need-to-know marketing news from the past two weeks. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2019!

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