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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--August 15

by Vicky Lynch | Aug 15, 2018


The Ad Age of Transparency?

Are we entering an age where transparency and collaboration are key to a successful ad campaign? Many experts think so. After the scandals of the last year where social media platforms were forced to come clean about who they are sharing information with, consumers demand transparency.

In an opinion piece, Chris Wallrap, President of Hill Holiday, suggests that in order to stay competitive, agencies must adapt a high-performance collaborative culture—a place where insiders and clients meet around a table to brainstorm as a team. The thinking behind this? How can an ad agency design ads and campaigns that are honest without also adapting those practices in-house?

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Wallrup isn’t the only one focusing on this connection. Buffer’s weekly podcast, The Science of Social Media focuses on the relationship between psychology and social media this week. And guess what’s #1 on the list of 7 Psychology Facts all Marketers Need to Know? You guessed it—transparency and building trust.

Amazon Takes Over the World

Amazon has long been thought of as based in Seattle. Turns out that isn’t so true anymore. The company hires an average of 100 workers a day and in addition to expanding NYC and Boston offices, the company has many tech hubs across the globe. The company has been quietly opening strategic hubs to attract the best tech-talent.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook

It never fails—we always seem to have Facebook news. But, for the first time in history, Facebook’s growth is slowing. It’s become a social network for “old people” or those who are (ahem), over 30. What’s next? Even the experts don’t know what the next big thing will be. Keep in mind--the social network still has 2.5 billion monthly users, so it might be a while.

Facebook announced plans earlier this month to help users optimize as well as limit their time on the platform. Users can go to their settings to see how much time they spend on Facebook, but they will also be able to soon set up push-notifications to block them from using the platform during times when they need to focus on other things.

Advertising News-You-Can-Use

A new study released this week from Ascend2 shows that social media and email marketing are viewed as the most effective types of advertising in today’s world. Runners-up included video and content marketing, SEO and paid search ads.

Planning an online ad campaign? Check out this useful article from Inc on 5 mistakes that can kill any campaign.

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