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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--August 1

by Vicky Lynch | Aug 01, 2018


Stocks Plunge at Facebook and Twitter

Facebook announced last week that sales growth has slowed, and projects it to continue to stay slow for the remainder of 2018 as they work to provide a higher level of security for users. The result? Stocks plunged 19% and Mark Zuckerberg dropped from #4 on the list of the world’s billionaires all the way down to the #6 spot.

Similar issues over at competitor Twitter. We reported on the Twitter purge in our last newsletter--the platform’s big fake account and spam clean-up that has drastically reduced some celebrities’ followers.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 4.20.31 PM 

Turns out they aren’t the only ones facing fall-out. Twitter shares have plunged as the platform itself lost 1 million monthly active users as a result from their own purge. They are expected to lose more users but for now they are committed to their long-term health and less worried about immediate fall-out.

However, some representatives—definitely not allat Facebook and Twitter have reportedly also blamed the European Union’s GDRP regulations for their falling stock values. To which some European lawmakers have said that the Cambridge Analytical scandal had a lot more to do with it. Sounds like a lot of he said/she said is going on. Only time can tell what will happen.

Facebook Watch Party and More Crack-downs

Facebook launched a new Watch Party feature last week, which allows groups to simultaneously watch videos together. Multiple “hosts” can add videos in the group and the streams will be synced to allow members to comment and react together.

As Twitter continues to crack down on bad-behavior platform wide, they have announced a more aggressive approach to regulating chat comments during live broadcasts on Periscope. Beginning August 10, Twitter will review and suspend accounts that continually send offensive comments during broadcasts, cracking down on abusive users.

Up Your Social-Media-Game

Curious how to continue to grow your social media networks authentically with all the changes and crackdowns?

Check out this useful article from Jeff Kagan to help you build your social media marketing base or watch this video from Entrepreneur staffer Jason Feifer on how he used engagement groups to get 13,000 Instagram followers in just one month!

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