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Stories Marketers Are Talking About Today--April 2, 2018

by C. Grant & Company | Apr 02, 2018


Facebook, Facebook, Facebook: Scandals, Falling Stocks and Algorithm-Hacks

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you must’ve heard that the big social media news of the past two weeks is the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. Cambridge Analytica says they took data from Facebook users to target voters and influence votes. Facebook claims to have been tricked by the company as they were supposed to delete that data in 2015.

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In an attempt to address privacy concerns, Facebook announced plans Friday to roll out a new certification tool that will affect their email policy for advertisers. They will now require marketers to prove that the emails they are using in their campaigns were legitimately obtained, rather than through a hack. They have also pledged to make privacy settings and control over information shared more accessible to users.

It may be a while before we find out what really happened. But the scandal is causing huge concern among stockholders. According to Digital Information World, Facebook accounted for nearly one fifth of the global online advertising market in 2017. The concern is that Facebook stocks have fallen 20% since the news broke.

Make the Algorithms Work-For-You

Newswhip has released a new study on the big changes to the Facebook algorithm in 2018. If you want to make sure your company’s content is still king, use influencer-marketing and focus on hard-news and events. Read the full-report here.

Not sure how to use influencer marketing in your business? Check out this article Hubspot put together on 10-top-campaigns.

One more note while we are speaking of algorithms. If you are interested in learning how to work the algorithms on all the popular sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to your favor—hint, you should be--check out an extremely informative article Social Media Today published this past week.

Say Goodbye to Privacy?

Surprisingly, on the heels of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, Adobe announced at a conference in Vegas this week that they are joining forces with 60 companies to better track spending habits across devices, or in other words, they plan to tail consumers online. The new program will analyze past sign-ins with partner companies to filter out ads for products users have already bought or will likely never buy.

The company does not anticipate a privacy backlash with the new program as they will offer “strong-privacy-safeguards.”

Google- News-Marketers-Can -Use

Google announced Tuesday that they are acquiring Tenor, a mobile GIF keyboard and search engine. The deal will boost Google’s search data and offer their advertisers more opportunities to advertise with GIFs, an increasingly popular format.

And in other unrelated Google news, the company has announced plans to shut down their link shortening service, The service will end April 13, but existing customers will be able to still use it for a year.

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