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Should You Ever Pay to Boost a Facebook Post?

by Vicky Lynch | Jul 06, 2016

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We all know that when it comes to social media, organic traffic—that is the traffic that comes from people clicking on a post they are truly interested in—is the most valuable kind. However, are there times when it does make sense to boost a Facebook post?


With more than one and half billion month users—65% of who use the social media platform daily—Facebook is without question a critical channel for your inbound marketing communications. And according to the American Press Institute, 88% of millennials use Facebook to get their news.

Hubspot suggests that rather than trying to hit a benchmark of how many times to post a day, the best practice is to focus on posting quality Facebook posts and spending your time on experimenting with Facebook’s targeting options. Instead of sending all your posts out to everyone all the time and risk turning people off, you can potentially engage more people meaningfully by being more specific.

Which brings us to that little button that appears in your Facebook sidebar that says “Boost Post”. Is it ever a good idea to pay to promote your Facebook posts?

Here are examples of when it could be a good idea to boost your post:

  • Your goal is to promote specific content

It may make sense to put some extra dollars behind a post that addresses a specific service or product rather than just an evergreen promotion for your institution. By promoting a particular service, you will also be able to measure results better.

  • The post was very popular when you originally posted it

Another gauge for boosting a post according to Kinetic Knowledge is that the original post was popular—garnering many “likes” and comments and even driving traffic to your website. The investment in a post that is getting attention will have a domino effect—also showing up in the feeds of friends of those who were interested in the post.

  • Your budget is limited

The Digiterati ran a test to see which type of Facebook ad was the most effective. They found that the boosted post actually reached twice the amount of people than an ad and promoted post, for the same amount of money. However, in the test, click throughs were minimal, so the overall effectiveness was hard to measure.

It’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of boosting a particular post. If you boost too often, with no direction, you will waste precious marketing dollars. Keep in mind, no matter what your decision is about boosting a particular post, it will show up in readers’ newsfeeds clearly marked as “sponsored.”

We will address the best practices of boosting a post in a future post. Stay tuned!


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