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Promote Your Posts without Alienating Your Audience

by Vicky Lynch | Apr 28, 2016

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Ask any blogger—from the columnist with a national news outlet to the mommy blogger who posts ingenious craft ideas—and he or she will tell you: effectively promoting content without being annoying about it is a tricky line to walk.


Admit it, we all have at least a few contacts in our social networks who always seem to be sharing something they’re selling, something they’ve written, or something on their blog, to the point that we groan internally and think “what now?” when their content comes up in our newsfeeds. It’s spammy, intrusive, and annoying.

So, how do you avoid being that person?

  1. Network (face-to-face as well as digitally)

Digital marketing experts agree that networking is as important as ever in the effective promotion of blog posts. However, this doesn’t mean you should waste your time clicking around on blogs and social media profiles belonging to influential organizations and people you admire to comment: “I love your blog and this post is so helpful! Check out my blog at…”. That’s just empty flattery and thinly disguised self-promotion. It’s not fooling anyone.

Build real relationships with leaders you respect. Provide detailed feedback on someone else’s efforts; share other people’s content widely and enthusiastically without expecting to be repaid immediately. Over a period of time, you will be rewarded.

  1. Targeted Promotion

Do you already have a mailing list? Are you in touch with key influencers? Targeted promotion, whether through email or social media platforms, is another important strategy for boosting the reach of your content. If you mention a great resource or person in your promotional tweets and Facebook posts, make that person (and his/her followers) aware of the nod you’ve given them, and hopefully that person will take notice of you.

  1. Nurture Subscribers

It’s all too easy to want to focus on getting lots of new referring links and page views, and too easy to forget that subscribers are important, particularly when you are launching a blog. Subscribers help form the basis of your audience and are a great base from which to branch out—the more subscribers you have, the better.

  1. Learn the Social Media “Tricks”

The most authentic way to share your content on social media is simply to produce good content, use social media strategies and sit back while others share and retweet your messages. There are proven scientific ways to get more “likes” on Facebook and more retweets on Twitter, you just need to understand their unique algorithms, which happen to be constantly changing.

Stuff says the best ways to get “likes” and shares on Facebook is to make your post striking with a great picture or video, make sure you have a complete company profile on your page, and perhaps even boost a post or two if it is in your budget.

On Twitter, Fast Company says using proper language, bottling your emotions (at least in your tweets) and believe it or not, tweeting at 4:00 pm on Friday will give you the best chance at getting retweeted.

We hope you’ve picked up some advice on how to best promote yourself without being annoying. Remember, getting the most “likes”, retweets, shares and even followers is not necessarily helping you reach your student recruitment goals. It’s all an important part of an inbound marketing strategy, but the point is to produce qualified leads.

And it’s what you do with those leads that truly matters.

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