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Stories Marketers are Talking About Today--February 15, 2018 

by C. Grant & Company | Feb 15, 2018


Times They Are Changing—The Olympics and Social Media Marketing

Before, the Olympics were only available through our televisions, but with the rise of social media, the Olympics are accessible in a way they have never been before. Every two years, we enter a magical hiatus, ignoring everything else to pump 24-7 competitions into our homes, featuring the best and brightest young athletes from around the world

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Stories Marketers are Talking About Today--February 7, 2018

by C. Grant & Company | Feb 05, 2018


It looks like 2018 is already shaping up to be the biggest year yet for digital marketing. And the market is shifting. Advertiser Perceptions forecasts that nearly 60% of the largest advertisers will be putting their advertising firms up for review this year. Mobile searches are up and digital content is king--that means that marketing firms are more able to measure and track results, upping the ante across the board.

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Prospective Students, Proactive Students

by C. Grant & Company | Jan 31, 2018

 |  college recruiting strategies, college recruitment plan, email lead generation, social media recruiting strategy

Learn how to implement inbound marketing methodology to generate leads and increase student applications.

Today’s consumers—including prospective students and their parents—don’t sit back and wait for information to come to them.

Think about it: are you more likely to hang on to and browse through fistfuls of brochures and direct-mail glossies that may or may not be offering anything of interest—or are you more likely to search online for the answers to your questions and the solution to your needs?
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Misconceptions About Inbound Student Recruitment

by Leah Peters | Jan 24, 2018

 |  college recruitment

There are some persistent myths out there about using inbound marketing for student recruitment. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Misconception #1: “Inbound marketing takes way too much time!”

Here’s why that’s wrong:

Yes, it takes time to create and maintain content for a mobile-optimized website and distribute that content on well-designed and responsive social media platforms.

Setting up a successful inbound strategy for enrollment takes a significant investment of time—but it’s just that: an investment. And the return on investment (ROI) of inbound is very high. According to HubSpot data, an inbound campaign was a remarkable 95x more effective in terms of ROI than a direct mail campaign!

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4 Ways An Outmoded Strategy for Student Recruitment is Hurting Your Enrollment Numbers

by C. Grant & Company | Jan 17, 2018

 |  college recruitment

The vast majority of today’s prospective students -- a whopping 97%! -- are reaching out to the college or university they’re interested in first -- and do much of their own research about the school online and on their own time.

Just 3% of students in this study said that they waited for a college to contact them before getting in touch for more information or to apply.

This means that your institution’s strategy for student recruitment has got to be nimble -- you can’t rely exclusively on old strategies, such as cold-calling and direct mailing. And your admissions team needs to be up-to-the-minute on how today’s college-bound students use the Internet.

The stakes for being out of touch are high. If you’re not up on how rising juniors and seniors are using the web…

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How Can the Principles Behind the Genius Bar Inform Best Practices for Student Recruitment?

by C. Grant & Company | Jan 10, 2018

 |  college recruitment

“Hey mom,” my young son said. “When can we go back to that store with the cool seats and the iPads?”

Just weeks before a huge project was due, my MacBook wouldn’t turn on.

Even though it was starting to snow, I packed my kids and my seemingly broken MacBook into the car and headed for the nearest Genius Bar. The kids happily played with the newest iPads while I chatted with the friendly young man who explained what might have gone wrong -- something rather insignificant, happily -- and quickly got my computer going again.

 After running a few diagnostic checks, he said my (rather old) computer was still running strong, and that everything should be fine.

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What Every Student Recruitment Team Needs to Know About Inbound Marketing in 10 Steps

by C. Grant & Company | Jan 03, 2018

 |  college recruitment

1. Understand what makes your institution distinctive

Today’s prospective students have more options than ever -- from massive open online courses (MOOCs) toward high-quality accredited online education. And they’ve grown up being able to research all their options online. In order to persuade a rising senior that your institution is right for them, you’ve got to offer a coherent and compelling narrative that persuades them that your school could be the right fit.

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Reaching the Rising Senior (or Screenior)

by C. Grant & Company | Dec 20, 2017

 |  college recruitment

Think about it: today’s rising seniors don’t remember a world without the Internet. These “screenagers” -- a term coined by Richard Watson -- have more or less grown up online, sending and receiving dozens of texts, using tablets and laptops at school, and spent time on their phones or computers both for homework and socialization.

When they have questions, they don’t go to the library -- they go to Google. When they are thinking about a problem, they don’t ask a real, live person -- they pull out their phone and search for the answers. And when they’re thinking about buying something, they check out online reviews and poll their friends on social media: “do I get a Kindle Fire or an iPad mini? Pros/cons?”

Analog Admissions in a Digital World

Professionals engaged in enrollment management in colleges and universities across the country don’t always realize that their student recruitment methods may well be misaligned with how today’s students are making their college decisions. For example, today’s students are wary of traditional marketing’s interruptive and marketer-centric approach. They don’t want to be cold-called, and they’re probably as likely to delete unsolicited recruitment emails as they are to toss that expensive, glossy view book in the recycling bin.

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Using Inbound Marketing for Student Recruitment

by Leah Peters | Dec 13, 2017

 |  college recruitment

How to use this dynamic new marketing tool, which disrupts traditional marketing and lets colleges and universities attract students, parents—and applicants—reach their enrollment goals.

Inbound marketing is a technique tailored to the needs of contemporary consumers.

Most of us stream TV shows and movies, use DVR to speed through advertisements, block pop-up ads, ignore sidebars, avoid advertisement links, and drop direct mail in the recycling bin. Clearly, it’s time for a change.

The situation is no different when it comes to student recruitment. Anyone with a junior or senior has experienced the deluge of unsolicited college marketing materials filling the mailbox—and the recycling bin.

Unsolicited mailings are an example of traditional marketing—or what savvy marketers are now calling outbound marketing. Outbound marketing pushes content out: it cold-calls, buys email lists and ad space, and, in today’s crowded media landscape, often has to shout (or pray!) to be heard.

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Control Your Prospective Student Search Results

by C. Grant & Company | Dec 06, 2017

 |  college recruitment

9 out of 10 prospective students don’t know what school they’d like to apply to when they begin searching online, according to Google reports. In other words: they aren’t searching for your particular school by name.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news: students are increasingly using the Internet -- including Facebook! -- to gather information and make decisions about what schools to attend. They’re searching for the programs and degrees that interest them, for the institutions that exist in the region that they’re attracted to, and for other factors -- size of the institution and the grounds, whether the campus is urban or rural, and so on.
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