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Incorporate SMO Into Your Inbound Marketing Plan

by Vicky Lynch | Oct 18, 2017

 |  college recruitment plan, social media recruiting strategy

At this point in the game, we all know about search engine optimization (SEO). But you may to may not know about social media optimization (SMO). As we have moved from the world-wide-web to the Internet to the internet, the amount of websites is so prolific that search engine results are just not as reliable as they used to be. Many companies are now moving towards optimizing their social media sites because many consumers find it easier to find reliable search results on Facebook, Snap Chat, Pinterest or Twitter vs. a search engine.

SMO particularly lends itself to the world of higher education, where many prospective students prefer to learn about colleges in first-hand accounts rather than from traditional advertisements.

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2017 Instagram Essentials

by Vicky Lynch | Oct 11, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. And in today’s world of nonstop photos and content being delivered every second, it rings even more true. While many social media networks these days deliver visual content and videos, Instagram cuts through the clutter and focuses solely on high quality pictures and videos.

There is some method to the madness. Our brains love images. SearchEngineJournal reports 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and those visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

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The Benefits of A/B Testing

by Vicky Lynch | Oct 04, 2017

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

In our last post, 5 Reasons to Love A/B Testing, we looked at five compelling reasons why A/B testing, or split testing as it is also known, can definitely help you convert your website visitors. But if you aren’t familiar with the process, it might be a little intimidating to you.

To review, A/B testing is the process of comparing two slightly different versions of the same webpage, email or social media post to see which option leads to a higher conversion rate. You only change one element at a time in order to make sure you are getting accurate results.

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2017 YouTube Essentials

by Vicky Lynch | Sep 27, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

Do you remember when sending someone a video meant you downloaded it to a CD and popped it in the mailbox? Or worse, maybe you sent a VHS? YouTube changed all that about twelve years ago. Now we take for granted that anyone with a smartphone can share a video instantaneously with the click of a button.

The capabilities are incredible. An average Joe in Chicago can share a video that can go viral and be viewed millions of times by people around the world. A teenager in a small town can become famous overnight from posting videos of themselves singing or doing makeup tutorials. Your company could be reaching thousands of new consumers or clients by creating a free YouTube Channel.

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Convert Your Visitors Into Bona Fide Leads

by Vicky Lynch | Sep 21, 2017

 |  college recruiting strategies, social media recruiting strategy

A/B testing will help you convert your visitors into bona fide leads.

We’ve spent a lot of time on The Educated Marketer talking about ways to increase your web traffic and enhance your content to make your website more effective. A/B testing is the last stop on a long journey to making your website and digital marketing efforts work for you. You need A/B testing once you already have a dynamite website with lots of traffic and relevant content.

A/B testing (otherwise known as split testing) is the process of comparing two slightly different versions of the same webpage, email or social media post to see which option leads to a higher conversion rate. Remember, in order for the test to work, it’s important that when you are running an A/B test, you only change one element at a time like the call-to-action button or an email topic line.

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2017 LinkedIn Essentials

by Vicky Lynch | Sep 13, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

LinkedIn is the business professionals’ networking social media platform. It’s a great place to build your personal network, reconnect with colleagues and classmates, find and build relationships with influencers in your industry and discover companies and search for new career opportunities. The interface is similar to Facebook, and easy to use.

Lifewire says LinkedIn is like a traditional networking situation where you meet people and pass out business cards, except you are making “connections” with others and you all have your professional accomplishments laid out on your personal page. So less small talk, more business.

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Generate Leads and Increase Applications

by Leah Peters | Sep 06, 2017

 |  college recruiting strategies, college recruitment plan, email lead generation, social media recruiting strategy

Learn how to implement inbound marketing methodology to generate leads and increase student applications.

Prospective Students, Proactive Students

Today’s consumers—including prospective students and their parents—don’t sit back and wait for information to come to them.

Think about it: are you more likely to hang on to and browse through fistfuls of brochures and direct-mail glossies that may or may not be offering anything of interest—or are you more likely to search online for the answers to your questions and the solution to your needs?
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2017 Twitter Essentials

by Vicky Lynch | Aug 31, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

Welcome to the next installment of our Social Media Essentials 2017 series. Today we focus on Twitter, perhaps the most misunderstood of the social media platforms. sums it up well when they report that Twitter is many different things to many different people. It’s used as a microblog, social messaging, a business tool, a news reporting service and a marketing tool.

Read on to discover exactly how you can use this valuable platform to promote your business.

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How Do Your Conversion Rates Rate?

by Vicky Lynch | Aug 24, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

One of the benefits to inbound marketing is that the converted leads generated tend to be a higher quality than those of traditional marketing. According to Marketing Sherpa, in the education field, whether you are generating traffic through emails, advertising or social media, typically 8% of website visitors on average are converted into applicants.

The stakes in higher education marketing are high. After all, an education is one of the largest expenses and biggest investments a person will make in their lifetime.

So how does your conversion rate stack up to the industry average? If your rate is low, you can work to improve it through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), the method of using analytics to convert more web visitors into leads, and by implementing a couple other relatively easy fixes.

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2017 Facebook Live Essentials

by Vicky Lynch | Aug 16, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing

Posting live video for the entire world to see can be intimidating to say the least. But for marketers who know what they are doing, the benefits can be huge. Did you know that Facebook Live videos get 3x the views of other videos on Facebook? Yes, you read that right, triple the views.

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