Human Marketing In An Increasingly AI World

Marketing in the age of AI


Human Marketing In An Increasingly AI World

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While AI is going to revolutionize many facets of digital marketing, there will always be a need for humans. AI is not going to eliminate marketing jobs, whatever anyone may say. These systems still need to be overseen and managed by humans. While there are certainly revolutionary advances in how computerized systems can “think,” none of them will ever come close to being able to mimic the activity of the human brain. And when it comes to emotions, imagination, reasoning and so forth, well, you get the point.


Marketers should see AI as another marketing tool to add to their repertoire of tactics. Certainly  AI creates efficiencies and cost-savings and the ability to manipulate huge amounts of data at warp speed. It also creates scenarios in which marketing becomes very personalized. This is a huge help in reaching potential customers with the right message at the right time. But all this does is to free marketers (humans) from having to analyze vast amounts of data manually and focuses unique human capabilities on implementing more important marketing strategies and solving customer problems.

While people are becoming increasingly comfortable engaging with bots and other automated systems, they still crave people, that is, the human touch. There will always be a need for businesses to engage one-on-one with customers. There is always going to be a relationship to build and maintain between marketer and client. There will always be a need for humans to come up with new innovative solutions beyond the capacity of AI systems. AI systems are very good at certain specific tasks. They fail miserably at others. And it’s always important to remember, humans created AI systems. It took a human brain to create a mechanical brain, as it were. From a purely logical standpoint, the mechanical brain could therefore never outsmart the human brain. It’s important to reinforce the idea that no matter how sophisticated and “smart” AI systems become, they will never equal the human ability to create and innovate. They will never be able to empathize. They will never have the unique ability to recognize and understand nuance. They will never be able to feel.

In a world becoming increasingly digital and automated it really is important to remember the human. While digitization creates tons of opportunities, it also possesses a dark side. Marketing can get out of control. It can become unethical in the ways it violates privacy and collects data through online user actions. It is only humans that can create ethical parameters around these tools and then enforce them. The tools themselves don’t have such capability. There will always be a need for the human in marketing.

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