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How To Double The Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Communications (At Half the Cost)

by C. Grant & Company | Oct 20, 2015

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Do what you’re already doing…but do it better.

You’re already telling the story of your institution through your existing promotional materials -- you’ve got your viewbooks, your virtual tour, your mobile-friendly site, your professional, articulate admissions counselors ready and waiting to talk to prospective students.

You’ve even got tasteful, well-placed ads and some premium purchased email lists. What more do you need?

How To Double The Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Communications

You need inbound marketing methodology.

One thing we love about inbound is this: it doesn’t have to replace -- or displace -- the strategies you’ve already got in place. Instead, inbound marketing methodology works alongside your existing promotional strategies. It amplifies the messaging you’re already putting out there, and helps open up new and exciting channels to communicate with the right people at the right time.

According to the industry-leader of inbound marketing methodology, Hubspot, average two-year lead growth with use of the Hubspot platform for marketing automation was nearly 600%.

Six times as many leads.

What would that look like for your institution?

Not just more, but more for less.

Implementing inbound doesn’t require massive new investments in tech or IT. Because it’s entirely online and uses a platform that doesn’t require customized programming, it complements current marketing efforts and can adapt swiftly to changes in strategy or priority. You’ll never have to recycle any of your outdated inbound materials because they don’t go out of date -- in fact, once established, campaigns utilizing inbound marketing methodology go on indefinitely. There’s no end point and no additional investment required -- because inbound campaigns are automated, they’re able to endlessly accommodate new prospects and add them automatically to the recruitment funnel.

We won’t tell you that implementing inbound isn’t an investment. Of course it is. But we believe it’s worth it, and the numbers don’t like. On average, an inbound lead costs 61% less than an outbound lead.

So what’s it all about?

You’ve heard of content marketing -- which is all about creating the kind of things people actually want to see and read and watch and hear, instead of creating the sort of ads that clamor and leap for their attention.

Inbound marketing starts with compelling content, but takes it to the next level. With inbound, prospective students find your content when it’s been created, optimized and indexed to reach the right students with the right message at the right time: inbound is about more than grabbing eyeballs. It’s about getting strategically timed, quality attention for worthwhile content/

Inbound doesn’t just speak -- it listens.

Here’s where the difference between “outbound” and “inbound” really starts to show up: when we’ve got the prospective student’s attention, we get that student to stay in touch and share a little about themselves by making a great offer: a whitepaper, an ebook, a video. Once the system has captured vital information, it’s ready to track further actions that student takes -- and reach out to that student with timely, custom-crafted messaging.

It’s automated lead nurturing -- but it feels anything but automated.

Inbound enhances the effectiveness of existing recruiters

The data capture and behavioral intelligence offered by a comprehensive inbound platform gives recruiters a wealth of information to work with. When you know what priority prospects are doing online -- which pages on your website they’re checking out, which resources they’ve downloaded -- you’ll know better where they are in their decision-making journey and you’ll be better prepared to meet them where they are, with answers to the questions they’re asking.

Track and nurture smaller -- but significant! -- prospect segments with limited additional investment.

With inbound marketing methodology, it’s possible to generate and nurture leads in very targeted segments. Looking to increase prospects for particular majors, or looking to better respond to younger prospective students? An inbound strategy allows you to tailor content, keywords, and opt-in forms to generate and nurture valuable prospect segments that marketing costs would typically put out of reach. With inbound, those prospects are within reach.

Always improving -- it’s built into the inbound methodology.

The software behind inbound offers detailed, integrated reporting capabilities -- we can clearly evaluate what’s working and what’s not at every level of the funnel. That means we can’t help but keep growing -- doing more of what’s working and trimming away what’s not.

Summing it up:

Inbound marketing isn’t just more effective than traditional outbound marketing -- over time, it’s been demonstrated to be more than twice as effective, at less than half the cost. You read that right. It’s worth looking into.

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