How to Choose a Partner for Your Digital Marketing: Part 1

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How to Choose a Partner for Your Digital Marketing: Part 1

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So you’re thinking of working with a digital marketing agency. Perhaps your team can’t quite handle all of your marketing needs right now or you are looking for expertise in an area where you need some help. Maybe you’re trying to save some dollars by outsourcing.  For many businesses, choosing a digital partner can be a big step as they are unsure of how to proceed or they don’t know what kinds of questions to ask or how to properly evaluate who would make a good partner.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • The reasons why it makes sense to work with a digital partner
  • How to figure out what your requirements are

Why work with a digital agency?

1. First of all, let’s ask this question: what does a digital marketing agency actually do? Well, that can vary, but here are the basics of what most digital firms can provide: market research, search and social advertising, content development and promotion, SEO, web design, email and inbound marketing.

2. A good marketing agency will have a wide range of expertise that your team may either be lacking or simply doesn’t have the time to explore. In short, they are experts in what they do. They have the time to master the tools that you can’t and can fill in gaps in your team’s skill set. They’ll know all the new marketing tactics, because one of the things a good firm does is to keep on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the marketing world. They’ll have their fingers on the pulse of all the latest trends and they’ll be familiar with a wide range of digital platforms.

3. Hiring a partner also allows you to focus more on building your actual business or working on tasks that are more relevant to the core of what you do. It’s easy to get mired in figuring out how to promote the work you’re doing and not have enough time left to put into the actual work itself.

4. You can reduce your overall costs, because it’s usually more cost-efficient to hire an outside firm than to take on the work in-house. Plus, they’ll bring ideas to the table that you might not have thought about.

5. It helps you to be relevant and competitive in your industry. Maybe you simply don’t have the time to do anything but the marketing basics, but you know your competitors are doing a lot more. Working with an agency takes some of this stress off your plate and allows you to play in the same arena as your competitors. You’re also taking advantage of the fact that a good agency will be right up to date on what’s happening in the marketing world and can implement these ideas for you.

Figure out your requirements

It’s important to identify exactly what you need before you go searching for the right partner. Use the list of services above as a starting point. Perhaps your team is great at email and content development, but doesn’t have any experience in search or social advertising. You know your competitors are on these platforms and you know you should be as well. A good rule of thumb is to know what your competitors are doing and what the gaps are in your own marketing abilities. This might give you an indication of where you’ll need the most help. But at the same time, don’t just decide you need to do something because your competitor is doing it. Think about how a particular service might impact your bottom line or help you meet certain KPI’s and make your decision based on this information.

In part 2 we'll look at specifics of what to look for in a digital marketing partner. Stay tuned! If you would like to find our more about us, click the button below to send an email.

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