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How Do Your Conversion Rates Rate?

by Vicky Lynch | Aug 24, 2017

 |  college recruitment, inbound marketing


One of the benefits to inbound marketing is that the converted leads generated tend to be a higher quality than those of traditional marketing. According to Marketing Sherpa, in the education field, whether you are generating traffic through emails, advertising or social media, typically 8% of website visitors on average are converted into applicants.


The stakes in higher education marketing are high. After all, an education is one of the largest expenses and biggest investments a person will make in their lifetime.

So how does your conversion rate stack up to the industry average? If your rate is low, you can work to improve it through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), the method of using analytics to convert more web visitors into leads, and by implementing a couple other relatively easy fixes.

Here are some tactics to increase your conversions:

  • Lead Scoring

Lead scoring and nurturing can increase conversion rates by 1.5 to 3x. While nurturing your leads, make sure you get the answers to important questions that will help you understand your visitors better. You can cross reference visitor characteristics with those of your most successful students in order to narrow your pool of leads to those that are most likely to convert.

Liberty University reported a 4-5% increase in converting high quality leads into enrollments using TARGUSinfo on-demand lead scoring.

  • Clear and Concise Messaging

Make sure that the language on and surrounding forms on your website is clear. Avoid paragraphs and as Forbes recommends, provide a clear and concise explanation for what your web visitor can expect after completing the form. By providing clear expectations, you build trust and perceived value with your prospect.

  • Student Testimonials

It’s true that many students these days trust the opinions of their peers far more than the benefits they may find simply stated on an institution’s website. Why not include some student testimonials right on your page to help show your prospective students the benefits of attending your university?

  • A/B Testing

Constantly evaluating your content, CTAs, promotional offers and other elements of your online and email campaigns through A/B testing is another great way to increase your conversion rate. We’ve recently covered these topics here and here.

Sometimes a simple change can provide huge results. Check out some amazing tests on Unbounce.

  • Clear Contact Information

Have you ever found yourself on a website with a problem you need solved and no matter how much you click around you can’t find a single number or email to use to answer your question? Forms are great and self-explanatory, but Forbes suggests you make sure you also include clear contact information that can be easily found on your website. It builds trust with your prospects.

Wouldn’t you hate to lose a possible applicant because they just couldn’t get a question answered?

  • Pay Per Click Traffic

Pay per click marketing campaigns are not always the answer. After all, organic results do drive more traffic. According to Higher Education Marketing, 80% of people clicked on the first branded organic web search result. BUT, depending on your marketing goals, competition, new programs and many other factors, it may be worth looking into PPC ads. Due to their nature, they are easy to test for ROI and could also be a great way to promote a new program in search results immediately.

No matter how effective your website is and how high your conversion rates, there is always room for improvement. By making a few adjustments to your website, you can drastically increase your conversion rates.

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