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by Leah Peters | Jan 29, 2016

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The best of the inbound marketing web, just for you.

We scour the web to bring you the best of the best in marketing ideas and resources. Here are some of the things we’re loving lately:


  1. Seth Godin’s blog

Don’t read and subscribe to Seth Godin for a step-by-step marketing primer – read and subscribe to his blog for daily doses of marketing wisdom that is, often enough, wisdom about life itself. For example, in one post, Godin asks us to reconsider paying “the smartphone tax” (not the one that shows up on a monthly bill):

It might be costing you more than you think.

Urgent or important?: Your phone has been optimized to highlight the urgent. It buzzes and beeps. It sorts things. It brings everyone else's urgent things right under your nose, reminding you about them until they become your urgent things. A full day on your phone is almost certainly a day where you buried the important in favor of the urgent.

The moment: The smart phone brings the world to us, in our pocket. But if the entire world is there, presenting its urgencies, it's harder than ever to be here, right now, in this moment.

Brevity over density: Just about everything produced on a smart phone is done in a hurry, because there's something urgent happening just a click away. As a result, we favor brevity. Brevity in what we consume (LOL) and brevity in what we produce (GTG). It's not clear that brevity ought to be our goal in all things, or in how we spend hours of each day.

The filter bubble: Even more than on the web, the closed gardens of the smart phone world mean that we're most likely to consume ideas that we already understand, from people we already agree with. Not a path to growth, certainly.

Godin’s blog isn’t just about marketing better--it’s about working better and thinking better.

  1. The MailChimp blog

Sure, you know MailChimp as an email marketing company and corporate sponsor of popular podcasts, but they’ve also got a blog that’s worth spending some time with.

With some marketing experts predicting a rebound for the ROI of email, it’s important to consider how your institution can use email more effectively. Sending the right email at the right time is part of what a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy is all about (which is what we’re all about) but the MailChimp blog can help you understand the nuts and bolts of great marketing email, what numbers to pay attention to (and what numbers to ignore) and how best to prioritize your lists.

For example, we liked what they had to say about times of decreased email traffic, much of which can easily be translated to the concerns of the higher education marketing professional:

Opens and clicks decrease during the holidays
Don’t fret when these numbers drop off. Focus on your unsubscribes instead.

Respect your most engaged customers
Longtime customers probably want to know about new products, not old ones.
Send them email based on what they really want.

Think of inactive customers in a new way
These folks might just be waiting for the perfect time to shop. For many, the holiday season is that time.

Promote your best offers
Subject lines are important. Take the opportunity to be clear about any coupons, sales, shipping promotions, or other big offers.

Send more email
It’s more important than ever to maintain a presence in inboxes during the holidays. Think of it like raising your voice to be heard in a crowded room.

  1. The SocialFresh Blog & Social Media Current

Higher education marketers have to be social media experts. Which is a hard thing to be, since what’s hot in social media seems to be changing every day--multiple times a day, depending on whom you ask. That’s why we like the SocialFresh blog and Social Media Current.

Jason Keath, founder and CEO of SocialFresh, has this to say:

Working in social media is like trying to ride a pony through a bouncy castle. I say this because of the chaos. The constantly changing landscape. And tools. And platforms. And rules.

You have to be nimble. You have to be brave. And you have to enjoy the ride.

This is why we created Social Media Current.

The common plight of social marketers is trying to stay up-to-date and CURRENT in an industry that changes every week. You read books. You read blogs. You listen to podcasts. You go to conferences.

“Like trying to ride a pony through a bouncy castle” – see why we like SocialFresh? Fun writing, and they make your pony ride through the bouncy castle of social media marketing a little bit smoother.

What are some of your favorite resources for understanding digital marketing?

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