7 Ways to Use AI in Content Creation

Marketing in the age of AI


7 Ways to Use AI in Content Creation

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Every business needs content, and a lot of it. It can be challenging to create the kind of content that a good social and web presence demands. It takes a significant amount of time to create content at the level that organizations need today. What if there was a way to automate all of the content creation? Enter AI for content. The tools now exist that will enable you to be incredibly efficient in your content creation, optimizing everything to support conversions. Here are some of the ways that AI is revolutionizing content creation.


1. Automating repetitive tasks

Think about all the work that goes into creating content. AI can help with things like keyword searches, blog topics, product listings and much more.

2. Curating content

As you create content, you’ll also want to understand what kinds of content would work best with your customers at different times. AI tools can evaluate data and content you’ve created in the past to determine what resonates most with your customers and at what time.

3. Writing content

There are even AI tools like Wordsmith that use natural language processing to write content by converting structured data into language people can understand. A tool like Wordsmith can help you write things like email copy or product descriptions.

4. Creating personalized content

Machine learning helps marketers track consumer behavior, preferences and engagement and then offer customized content to individuals. Tools like OneSpot, Granify, CaliberMInd, and Personyze have the capability to do this.

5. Optimizing content

AI tools can help get your content optimized for search and aligned with what people are searching for. They can help with important tasks like SEO and topic suggestions. Using a tool like Concured will enable you to discover what people are searching for and will allow your content to be seen by prospective customers

6. Utilizing Chatbots

Making sure your customers feel important is a vital task for organizations. Using chatbot tools enables you to have conversations at any time and create a connection between your business and your customer. That’s more important than ever these days. And finding the right tool, one that is smart enough that customers will actually want to talk with it, is important. Check out Massively.

7. Automating Insights

Understanding the insights generated by your data is another big piece of content marketing. If you could find out when your audience is online and what they are interested in, it would be a big help. Well, you can, with tools like AIQUA which enable you to engage your audience based on their behavior inside and outside of your app or web environment. In this way, you’re able to leverage AI to increase conversions.

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