6 Ways Chatbots Help Your Lead Generation Efforts

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6 Ways Chatbots Help Your Lead Generation Efforts

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We’ve written previously about the importance of using chatbots on your website to take care of things like Q&A, basic sales, and more. But did you know you could use your website chatbot for lead gen and lead nurture? It’s true! Read on to discover some of the top ways bots can help increase your sales funnel.

1. Better understand your target audience

Bots can help you understand the preferences of your audience by identifying likes, dislikes, interests, and creating engagement around the sorts of things people want. This helps you to develop a better relationship with potential customers, which is always a good thing.

2. Segment your customers

Segmentation allows you to provide customized messaging to a particular group based on their wants and needs. Chatbots enable segmentation of leads through the kinds of questions the bot asks. These could be related to demographic data like age, gender, and so forth. Or you could segment them based on the kinds of products they enjoy. This is very important when it comes to nurturing leads. Be sure to integrate your bot with your CRM so you can have a better lead nurture system in place.

3. Replace forms with chatbots

Let’s face it, website forms have become tedious. People don’t like filling out forms anymore. Use your chatbot to engage them and collect information and watch your lead gen conversion rates go way up. Chatbots are fun to interact with and make it a cinch to do lead nurture.

4. Auto-qualify your customers

By asking industry-specific questions you can qualify your leads and direct them to the proper salesperson to schedule an appointment. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t impact the time or productivity of your team. The bot does the work for you, automatically.

5. Educate your audience about who you are

Your bot can answer questions about what you do and the services you offer. People need more knowledge of your product or service before they will be willing to buy. Bots can send promotional or educational messages about upcoming webinars, eBooks, deals and so forth. 

6. Engage visitors who are likely to bounce

Why do people bounce from websites? Because they don’t find the information they need. You could set up bots to be available when people are most likely to bounce and help them find what they want. You’ll reduce your bounce rate as well as engage the customer effectively.

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