6 Things to Remember When Getting Started with AI Marketing

Marketing in the age of AI


6 Things to Remember When Getting Started with AI Marketing

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Know What AI Marketing Is

First of all, make sure you understand what artificial intelligence marketing is. Ask yourself if this is actually the solution that you need. Be able to step away from the fact that everyone seems to be talking about AI solutions and make the decision based on your business needs.


Set Goals for AI

Begin by setting up clear KPI’s for your AI campaigns. What are your goals? Identify those areas of your business where AI could make an impact. Is it personalization? Segmentation? Advertising? Look for segments of your business that are struggling. Is there a way AI could help?

Research What Competitors are Doing

Take a look at their blogs and social profiles to see what they’re talking and thinking about. Here are some AI solutions brands are using:

  • AI-enhanced PPC advertising: Existing platforms like Facebook and Google have integrated AI into their platforms. Other tools can help  build campaigns, choose keywords, place contextually relevant ads or write ad copy.
  • Personalized web: AI tools can help target each customer’s specific interests. AI can be used to improve purchasing recommendations based on previous user behavior, deliver appropriate content at the right time and on the right channel or increase online conversion rates.
  • Content creation: With AI tools like Concured, it's possible to collect hundreds of data points on how web visitors interact with content. AI can uncover important content trends in the data so it can be created more effectively.
  • Email: Enables users to write the right subject line, segment lists and optimize send times
  • Chatbots: These analyze user questions and serve responses based on language and behavior cues. Many people prefer to communicate through messenger apps and services when it comes to getting answers to their questions. Setting up chatbots offers 24/7 Q&A functionality for website visitors.
  • SEO: These solutions can quickly identify website issues to improve search rankings.

Understand Data Privacy Concerns

Be sure to know what your limits are. Don’t get so caught up in personalization that you cross the line of what’s appropriate. Consider drafting an AI ethics statement to guide your use of these tools. Be respectful. Make sure privacy standards are established. Your customer’s trust is very valuable. Don’t abuse it.

Confirm Data Sources

AI tools run on massive amounts of data. You need to make sure you have enough data to connect to AI tools. This could come from your website, CRM or marketing campaigns.

Select an AI Solution

Do your research. Make sure you read through case studies provided by each solution. Make sure you fully understand where the data is coming from. And above all, make sure the solution is actually going to solve that business problem you initially identified.

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