6 Steps to Creating an AI Marketing Strategy

Marketing in the age of AI


6 Steps to Creating an AI Marketing Strategy

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So you’re interested in adding AI into your marketing plan!  While 83% of businesses say that AI is a strategic priority for their business, only 23% have incorporated AI into their processes and offerings. As more and more companies realize the value and cost savings of using AI solutions, the more these percentages will change. But right now, the opportunities are huge as the vast majority of businesses have not implemented AI strategies. So what should you consider as you begin creating your plan? 43% of those using AI strategies noted that their biggest hurdle in implementation was lack of a clear strategy. We’d like to suggest six steps that will be the foundation of building a strong AI strategy.


Understand what AI marketing is and how it works

AI marketing should make work faster, easier and smarter. Take the time to understand the basic AI terminology, the benefits of using AI and its limitations. Once you have this knowledge under your belt, you’ll have a better sense of how to incorporate it into your marketing mix; where it would make the most sense and have the biggest impact. But don’t just take our word. Take the time and do some research of your own.

Know what your objectives are

Determine what you want AI to do for you. Are you interested in optimizing your digital ad campaigns? You’ll need to look for a solution that can integrate with digital ad platforms. Or perhaps you want to learn more about who your customer is so you can create more customized experiences for them. You’ll need to research a solution that can analyze your customer data and provide insights on behavior.

Educate your employees

There is a lot of myth around popular discussions of AI. Thus, AI solutions are often largely misunderstood. An important partof your strategy will be to make sure your employees know that AI will not replace their jobs but augment them.

Understand your data

AI solutions are not a set-it-and-forget-it-tool. You need to understand your data and make sure it is correct and is defining the sorts of actions that people have taken that will enable an AI solution to present customized messaging. Also do you have a large enough amount of data for an AI solution to make a difference?

Determine what infrastructure you need in place to support AI solutions

You’ll need to understand not only your data, but which people or teams will be assessing and leveraging AI solutions. You’ll also need to determine which functions and processes are highly repetitive so an AI solution can be used to automate them. 

Research AI Solutions

When you start shopping, look for solutions that provide in-depth descriptions of the platform, show how frequently the data is analyzed and where it comes from and provide you with in-depth case studies. The more research and detail you can get, the better.