4 Ways AI Can Ramp Up Your Lead Generation

Marketing in the age of AI


4 Ways AI Can Ramp Up Your Lead Generation

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It’s one of the primary responsibilities of a digital marketer: finding the right-fit, qualified leads that will move through your sales funnel to become a customer. You’re always on the lookout for that one strategy that will catapult your lead-gen efforts into the stratosphere. You’re up on the latest methods and tactics. But perhaps you haven’t thought much about how artificial intelligence can effectively interface with your lead generation efforts. Many marketers have avoided AI tools because they believe them to be too complex or feel they may threaten their job. Let us reassure you. There is no question that marketing jobs will change as a result of AI, but marketers will still be vital to the success of AI solutions. Here are a few ways that AI can supercharge your lead-generation success.


1. AI tools can discover the best leads for you to target

So you’ve generated a set of leads, and now you have to try to whittle them down to discover which ones will provide the greatest value. Instead of sorting through them yourself, you can let an AI solution do the work for you by attaching a score to any lead and then sorting through them to find which leads will best respond to other marketing initiatives. This frees you up to focus on more important marketing efforts.

2. Increase lead gen efforts by using a bot

Using a bot to engage with customers on your website can free up a lot of time for your sales team to spend on bigger leads. With machine learning and asking the right questions, bots can provide very natural conversations with potential customers and get smarter in asking and answering questions over time. In the process, you are collecting valuable data points about your leads that you can analyze and use later. A bot can also handle multiple conversations at once, whereas a single person can only handle one at a time.

3. Optimize marketing efforts for segmentation and lead nurture

The right AI solution can analyze your leads and discover their preferences when it comes to marketing, segmenting them into lists that can be targeted with specific messaging. Being able to drill down on the communication platform your lead prefers and the optimal time to send messages and the optimal content of those messages is pure gold for the digital marketer. The more precise and tailored your marketing efforts are to the preferences of your leads, the better chance you have to convert them.

4. AI lead-gen solutions to learn more about

Check out Exceed and Conversica, two AI assistants that work to qualify leads on your website and turn them into sales.

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