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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Adding Inbound Marketing to Your Promotional Mix

by Leah Peters | Apr 05, 2016

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We tried to think of reasons schools wouldn’t add inbound to their promotional mix. We couldn’t think of any.

Adding Inbound to the Promotional Mix

#1—It’s Cost Effective

Schools are adding inbound marketing methodology to their promotional mix because it offers an amazing return-on-investment (ROI) when compared to traditional, outbound marketing strategies like direct mail.

In fact, inbound marketing strategies have been found to be remarkably cost effectivecosting 62% less per lead than traditional marketing methods.

Implementing inbound marketing methodology can work alongside your institution’s existing website and email platformsit doesn’t require huge new investments in Web and IT tech. The sophisticated technology that supports inbound marketing automation allows you to manage increased contact with prospects without additional investment.

The software supporting this marketing program allows us to evaluate what’s working and what’s not. All efforts and strategies are tested and tracked, and all results are integrated into a single report that lets you assess the return on your investment.

Even better? Inbound marketing campaigns don’t have an endpoint. They don’t require additional investment over time. Thanks to the powerful automation capabilities, inbound marketing promotes your institution indefinitely.

#2 Inbound Marketing Methodology Works Alongside Existing Campaigns

When we’re talking about inbound marketing for student recruitment, we’re not talking about halting or disrupting existing efforts.

On the contrary, inbound marketing methodology complements whatever marketing efforts your institution is currently engaged in. While it’s a good idea to integrate your inbound strategy with all your other messaging, implementing an inbound strategy doesn’t delay or change the strategies you’ve already got in place. In fact, with inbound you’ll draw on existing marketing contentcontent you already haveand learn to optimize it for maximum effectiveness.

Because inbound marketing is digital changes in strategy and priority are easily and rapidly accommodatedyou don’t have to cancel a print order or toss out boxes of view books ever again. (That’s just one of the things that helps inbound be so cost-effective.)

#3 Inbound is effective at reaching advertising-averse Millennial prospects

When you consider that well over a third of direct mail is never opened, the vast majority of people skip right through TV commercials, and nearly 90% of millennials bounce off websites that have ads they find annoying, you knowyou need a different strategy.

Millennial students are increasingly immuneeven averseto advertising. But they’re all over social media, and they’re savvy at finding the content that meets their needs. And most of them are on the Internet looking for you well before you go looking for them.

Which means you need to be ready. Inbound marketing doesn’t replace advertising, but instead provides a channel through which students can opt in to learn more about youand that suits today’s students’ preferences.

#4 More informed interactions with better quality leads

Inbound helps generate new leads. It does not depend on current or rented lists, but functions as a new source for leads, which is especially important for recruiting prospects for specific programs or from specific segments of the prospective student population.

And because prospects generated through the inbound methodology self-select and self-identify as being interested in your school or its specific programs, inbound provides a more qualified leadone that’s already informed about your collegethan traditional list sources.

Furthermore, the technology supporting inbound marketing methodology captures valuable information about your prospectsinformation that helps your team to communicate more effectively. And automated workflows supported by this technology sends relevant communications to your leads when they take certain actions (for example, when they visit a particular website on your school’s page).

Summing it Up:

Inbound marketing methodology is a cost-effective strategy that works alongside existing campaigns, generating informed new leads by offering them compelling, original content.

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