4 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Adopt AI Strategies

Marketing in the age of AI


4 Reasons Digital Marketers Should Adopt AI Strategies

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The world of AI marketing may be unfamiliar to you, but it will soon be the major way that digital marketing is accomplished. Marketers can no longer afford to ignore this trend as more and more companies are beginning to adopt AI as part of their marketing strategy. There does tend to be some fear around the idea of AI marketing, as many people believe it will make their jobs obsolete. But this is, in fact, not true. Marketers will still be needed to strategize, manage these platforms and continue doing good old-fashioned marketing which will never go out of style. But here are four reasons to jump on board with AI now.


1. Outflank competitors

Every company is looking for a way to get a step or two ahead of their competitors. Well, AI is one way your company could leave the competition in the dust. It’s still enough of a new, unknown, and evolving technology that most people haven’t braved its waters, as it were. You could be the company that takes the plunge which takes your marketing to the next level.

2. Look good to clients

Let’s face it, clients like tactics and strategies that are new and shiny, and AI may well be one of the shiniest. Plus it makes your marketing team look good when clients see that you’re familiar with and using some of the most cutting-edge marketing tools. It bolsters confidence that you are keeping abreast of trends and will bring the best technologies to solve their marketing problems.

3. Bring efficiencies and new understanding to clients

One of the beauties of AI tools is that they make tasks that were formerly labor-intensive (by human standards) simple and efficient. AI tools can analyze vast amounts of data at tremendous speed and offer valuable insights into that data. Humans analysis could never reach that level. Today, when data analysis is how companies make decisions about what to do next, an AI tool that can analyze that data in a flash and offer the best solutions about how to use it will be highly valued. Imagine being the marketing team that brings that technology to a client.

4. Save time for more valuable projects

As you can imagine by now, tasks that were formerly performed by humans can now be automated and completed via AI tools. This is a good thing. It doesn’t mean your job will be eliminated, but it does mean that you are freed up to work on more important marketing tasks or projects. An AI tool isn’t going to determine your whole marketing strategy. Humans are a vital part of the marketing equation. We believe that AI marketing should never replace the human, but work alongside the human.

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