3 Ways Brands Can Stay Human in an AI World

Marketing in the age of AI


3 Ways Brands Can Stay Human in an AI World

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As AI makes deeper and deeper inroads into the world of marketing with solutions like chatbots, machine learning and marketing automation, it seemingly reduces the need for humans to manage data and make decisions. But that’s not the truth. It is still vital for brands to consider both AI and the human in their marketing. So the question remains: how do brands value and keep the human central with their branding and marketing? The following three ways are a good start to begin thinking about this important question.


Understand human needs as it relates to your business

Most people want answers to their questions, so they often don’t mind if they interact with a machine. People will willingly use chatbots or other automated software to find quick solutions, but they do want these experiences to be seamless. Therefore, if the artificial intelligence application isn’t working well or is frustrating them, people will want to talk to a human right away. Make sure you clearly give them that option without making them search for the best way to contact you.

Be Transparent

Always be up front about what you are doing with artificial intelligence. If you use a chatbot on your website, let people know that’s what you’re doing and that you’re not just a tool masquerading as a human. Again, give people the option to always be able to connect with a human if they aren’t satisfied with the user experience of the tool. The last thing you want is people to disconnect from your brand because they became annoyed and you didn’t offer an alternative.

Another way to keep humans at the forefront of your marketing efforts  is to design your website and digital materials with humans in mind. Don’t use entrapment tactics without a way out. Always respect people’s decision to unsubscribe or change their mind on a product purchase. And don’t make them jump through hoops to figure out how to do this. Withholding information or making it difficult or impossible to find doesn’t make people think well of your brand.

Realize that AI is only as good as the human behind it

There is a fear that AI is going to put people out of jobs. But it’s not actually true. More likely, AI will change job descriptions or create new jobs. AI processes still need to be managed by humans. You can’t turn all of your marketing over to AI. There is still a need for humans to develop creative strategies not only for effective AI use, but for other good old marketing tactics. Also, machines can’t empathize with customers. Humans can and can respond accordingly. There will still be a need for innovation, even with AI solutions.

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