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3 Things Your Prospective Students Are Terrified Of (and how this can help you)

by Vicky Lynch | May 20, 2016

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While most high school students can’t wait to get out from under their parent’s roof and off to college, the process of actually leaving home and living on their own can be a daunting one. There are just so many unknown factors when it comes to moving to a completely new place….by themselves!


Why is this important to you, the marketer? In the world of inbound marketing, one of the most important factors in the process is to know your buyer. The profile of your buyer is referred to as a buyer persona. Without knowing your buyer, you can’t possibly set goals or even begin to create a marketing plan.

In your case, the buyer is the prospective student. In order to best reach them with the content that will help them make an informed decision, you need to know everything you possibly can about your prospective students—age, interests, potential fields of study, and yes, their greatest fears. This information will help you discover the best topics and types of content that will appeal to your audience.

So what are your prospective students most afraid of?

  1. Money

Yup, this is the big one. According to Time magazine, a whopping 70% of college students are worried about money. Will they have enough to pay for college? Will they have enough money to survive on their own? Will they have enough money to pay off their loans after college?

Create a video or a slideshare that clearly explains the student loan process or work/study opportunities for students.

  1. Roommates

For most students, college will be the first time they are living on their own. Except they aren’t exactly on their own—many will share a room roughly the size of a large walk-in closet with another person that they have never met before in their lives! And whether they have everything or nothing in common with this person, roommate issues will arise at some point.

Engage with prospective students on Facebook. Start a conversation where you discuss your institution’s process for matching roommates or explore the pros and cons of using an outside roommate match service like

  1. Safety

For the most part, college campuses are not anymore unsafe than any other American city. However, it can still be scary living in an unknown place, and sometimes college campuses are a natural place for drifters to travel through. Informed parents and students should and will ask questions about safety procedures and policies on campus.

Why not make safety information readily available in a FAQ on your website? Or create a checklist for how students can stay safe on campus.

With any inbound marketing program, knowing exactly who your buyer is and their buyer persona is the most important part of your plan. Now you are armed with the knowledge to create content that will delight your audience.

The more you can pinpoint what is on your prospective student’s minds, the better you will be able to engage with them and turn them from website visitors to leads to students.

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