AI Marketing: 3 Reasons You Should Be Using AI For Email

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AI Marketing: 3 Reasons You Should Be Using AI For Email

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Are you tired of trying to think up the perfect email subject line? Or trying to predict the perfect time to send an email that will result in the most opens? Or trying to figure out the best way to structure your email content so you get clicks on calls to action?


You probably have all the data that give you answers to these questions, but you don’t know how to analyze it or it’s just too much or you don’t have the time. Enter email marketing with AI. A solution that allows you to easily answer these questions, at scale. The beauty of using AI solutions in conjunction with email is that you no longer have to guess or rely on gut feelings. Here are some of the top ways that AI can revolutionize your email marketing efforts.

Write the right subject line

AI can assess your data for things like word choice, emoji use and sentiment, and then generate subject lines that will outperform anything a human can come up with. And it does this at scale, fast. Take Phrasee, for example. It uses natural language generation, an application of AI ,to analyze data and then produce email subject lines that sound natural and are grammatically correct and aligned to the brand voice of your company. It also uses natural language processing to analyze sentiments like urgency, curiosity, etc. in large data sets. All of this means that you get highly optimized subject lines fast that result in more opens and ultimately more revenue.

Segment your email lists

Everyone knows that you have to segment your email lists in order to reach audiences with the right message. But how can you know if you are optimizing your lists correctly for the most impact? The beauty of using AI for this purpose is that it can evaluate your lists and find even better and more effective ways to segment those lists for maximum conversions. For example, AI can identify specific purchase patterns and specific subscriber behaviors and then dynamically segment them into lists much more quickly.

Send emails at the right time

If you want your emails to get opened, read and clicked, then knowing the optimal time to send them is vital. It’s easy enough to look at industry averages for optimal times to send, but it doesn’t give you the optimal time for each particular person on your list. You need to know exactly when individual people are going to open their inbox. AI can use predictive analysis from past email engagements and behaviors to determine the right time to send an email to a specific contact and then perform this function at scale. Imagine every contact on your list getting an email at the very time they are most likely to open it. This analysis can also apply to frequency preferences. You can send more emails to those people that want more and less to those that prefer less.

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