2 Steps to Using AI in Your Ad Campaigns

Marketing in the age of AI


2 Steps to Using AI in Your Ad Campaigns

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These days, it’s all about the user experience. People expect brands to deliver content and messages that are relevant and personalized. But humans cannot access and evaluate huge streams of data fast enough to make the kinds of lightning decisions that would enable them to deliver that experience. Enter AI for advertising.


The first thing to realize is that most advertising platforms these days are already utilizing AI components that work behind the scenes to connect you with the right people. For example, Facebook and Instagram leverage AI in newsfeeds to deliver the content that people find meaningful. Google is doing the same. Their platform analyzes billions of data points every day and uses that data to help you deliver customized ads to your potential customers. They also offer tools like smart bidding and dynamic search ads. So how can you take advantage of these tools in your own social and search campaigns? We thought you’d never ask. . .

Take advantage of existing AI tools in digital advertising platforms

Do a little research and find out what the ad platforms you use offer and then start testing out some ads. Below we give you some options to try on a two primary platforms, Facebook and Google.


Dynamic creative Ads: This is an ad type that allows you to ad multiple headlines, copy, descriptions and up to ten images. Using AI, Facebook will then deliver the right combination to the right person.

Messenger Ads: Facebook uses conversational AI technology on Messenger to analyze language and deliver personalized experiences to users. This empowers ad formats like Click-to-Messenger.


Responsive Search Ads: Similar to what Facebook does. You enter multiple headlines, and ad copy and Google does the rest.

Smart Bidding: This feature uses machine learning to optimize your bids to maximize conversions and conversion value across your campaign 

Take the next step: advanced AI advertising tools

If you want to take AI to the next level in your advertising efforts, you need to know what tools are available and how they can help you achieve your goals. Following are four popular tools into which you can dig more deeply.

Albert ai improves the effectiveness of your digital advertising with more persistence, precision, intelligence and efficiency. It can build campaigns, ad groups, keyword groups and audiences as well as optimize the various components of your campaign such as bid, budget, schedule and audience.

gumgum uses computer vision to scan the content of millions of web pages, find where customers are paying the most attention and then place contextually relevant ads.

Pathmatics shows you exactly how your ads perform across channels and gives you competitive intelligence about how your competitors' ads perform.

Phrasee uses AI to write ad copy that sounds natural and normal, then creates a huge number of variations to test.

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