AI Marketing: 2 Reasons to Use AI to Boost Your SEO

Marketing in the age of AI


AI Marketing: 2 Reasons to Use AI to Boost Your SEO

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Perhaps you've been wondering how to boost your SEO so your web pages show up more frequently in search results in a way that is efficient and doesn’t require boatloads of your time. There are currently a wide range of SEO tools on the market to help you, but have you considered using AI technology to solve your SEO problems?


AI powered solutions enable you to extract insights from your data at scale, in a way that humans never could. That means it can make predictions on its own by analyzing the data and then learn from such analysis, all without having to be programmed. Such solutions ultimately replace traditional methods because they can improve accuracy at speed and scale, essentially obliterating non-AI competition. This is why you want to be on board with AI-powered tools that can automate your SEO. It gives you the competitive edge. In this post, we want to give you two main reasons why you should be using AI in your SEO strategy and point you toward some tools that you can explore.

1. Yield Insights at Scale: Topic Discovery, Keyword Research, and Content Optimization

Figuring out what keywords, phrases or search terms to optimize for is a big part of any SEO plan, and there are many AI tools that can help with this. Remember, AI helps you find patterns in large data sets, so you don’t have to do it manually. It can discover things like market trends, competitor insights, customer intent and SERP (Search Engine Results Placement) performance.

The ability to be found for relevant keyword queries is a big deal. Your website needs to be able to show up for these searches if you want to generate traffic and conversions. With tools like  Alli AI , Market Muse, BrightEdge and Can I Rank?, the process has become much more efficient and effective. They can quickly identify patterns in data to improve your search rankings as well as see what competitor sites are doing to appear first in search results. They can also assist in optimizing your current content by suggesting how it could be restructured to be more SEO-friendly.

2. Develop Personalized Web Experiences

Increasingly, companies who figure out how to personalize their content are doing better than their competitors. Today’s customers expect messages tailored directly to their needs and concerns. Data shows that 79 percent of organizations that exceeded revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy.  One of the best ways to add personalization to your SEO strategy is to use AI. AI data can enable you to provide special landing pages, dynamic content and user experiences based on behavior. Remember, the more personalized you can get, the more conversions you will generate.

Why not take the plunge and test an AI-powered SEO tool on your website? Most marketers agree that AI is where the future of marketing is going, so why not jump on the wagon early and give yourself a competitive advantage? Still a little fuzzy on what AI is? Check out 8 Basic AI Terms Marketers Should Know.

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