10 Ways to Pivot Faster Online in the New World: Part 2

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10 Ways to Pivot Faster Online in the New World: Part 2

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In this blog post, we continue our two-part series on the top 10 ways to pivot faster online in the new world. In part one, we covered the first five tips. Here are the next five.

6. Be Consistent in Your Branding

This is connected to the previous point. People are looking to brands for stability. Make sure yours can provide this stability. One of the ways you can easily do this is to make sure that your branding is consistent across all your online properties. If you have never developed brand guidelines, now might be the time to put them together. Start with your website as the guide for all other platforms. For example, are you using the same logo and is it the same size across platforms? Or do you have many different versions and colors floating out there? Are your properties all utilizing the same brand colors as your website? Are the images you use in social  in accordance with your brand feel? Is your messaging about your brand consistent across platforms? These are just a few of the questions to ask as you go through each of your web properties and begin making your brand feel consistent. Believe us, it will make a big difference to how people perceive you as an organization. You want to make sure you appear unified.

7. Create content. Create content. Create content.

Did we get the message across? Now is the time for creating unique experiences that enable people to interact with your business in ways they haven’t before. Content has always been king in the online world, but it is ever more important as people spend more time online and are looking for new ways to engage brands and purchase products. If you used to depend on your physical location to sell your products, you now have to think about how to offer those things in an online environment. We’ve already mentioned summer camps doing a virtual week of camp. But what if summer camps began offering other products like online gap year programs? Or other alternative programs to going to college right out of high school? Perhaps colleges could offer online degree programs they couldn’t have offered on campus. The opportunities are limitless, but it will take some thought and ingenuity to find them. Because these opportunities will exist online, they will be driven by the content you develop. Now is the time to get on top of your content game!

8. Do more digital advertising

As you continue to think about creating additional online opportunities for your organization, you’ll need a way to let people know about these opportunities. You also want to capture your share of the increased online traffic. Enter digital advertising. It’s likely that you’re already doing some search or social ads, but it’s now time to up your game. People are spending tons of time on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Make sure you’re running some ads on at lease a couple different social platforms. Where you advertise depends on your organization. If you’re a college or university, you want to make sure your ads show up on Instagram and YouTube. If you’re a business, you should be running ads on LinkedIn. If you’re a nonprofit, you might want to look into applying for Google Ad Grants which allows you free advertising. You get the idea. Ads are another way to capitalize on the increased online traffic and get your content out to a broader audience.

9. Optimize your SEO

Now might be a good time to take another look at your site’s SEO strategy. Make sure you are ranking for the right keyword searches. Make sure that you haven’t left any niggling SEO tasks undone. You want maximum findability during a time when internet searches are on the rise. Enough said!

10. Pivot faster with AI tools

AI can be a useful way to offload certain tasks that you were previously doing manually. This frees up time for you to focus on more meaningful things that will push the needle a bit more. Here are four ways you could implement AI to help you pivot more quickly.


Personalization on your website is no longer an option. It’s what people expect. AI tools can help you target each customer’s specific interests. You could use AI to improve purchasing recommendations based on previous user behavior, deliver appropriate content at the right time and on the right channel or increase online conversion rates. Imagine being able to address your potential customers by name or present tailored recommendation. At its best, this form of AI can present uniquely targeted content for each user.


Also known as “conversational agents,” chatbots are often used to take over part of the customer service aspect of a business. They analyze user questions and serve responses based on language and behavior cues. Many people prefer to communicate through messenger apps and services when it comes to getting answers to their questions. Setting up chatbots offers 24/7 Q&A functionality for website visitors. These chatbots could be located in high traffic areas or on pages that generate the highest volume of questions. It would save your business time and money as well as free up employee bandwidth to be used elsewhere. language and behavior cues. Check out Chatfuel, Botsify, MobileMonkey and ManyChat.

Content Creation

Often, marketers are just taking their best guess when it comes to creating content for their website visitors. With AI tools like Concured, you can collect hundreds of data points on how web visitors interact with your content. AI can uncover important content trends in the data so you can create it more effectively. Tools like Crayon can also view competitors websites and make recommendations based on how their websites change over time, revealing insights about their content strategy.


The ability to be found for relevant keyword queries is a big deal. Your website needs to be able to show up for these searches if you want to generate traffic and conversions. SEO used to be a labor-intensive task, but thanks to AI tools like

Alli AIMarket MuseBrightEdge and Can I Rank?, the process has become much more efficient and effective. They can quickly identify website issues to improve your search rankings.


Digital marketing is now a game of quick changes and out of the box ideas. Everyone is going to have to learn to think differently if they want to remain competitive. We’d love to help you do that thinking. We’re experts in finding the right hack that creates a breakthrough. We’d love to start a conversation about we could help you as you adapt to this ever-changing world. Just click the button below.

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