10 Ways to Pivot Faster Online in the New World: Part 1

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10 Ways to Pivot Faster Online in the New World: Part 1

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It’s a different world out there. And people are spending more and more time online in this new world. Global internet traffic increased 40% between February and April of 2020, according to one report. You’ve likely noticed an increase in your own site’s traffic. We think this increase is going to keep going. So how can you be best prepared?

If you’re a college or university, you are quickly transitioning to online learning. If you’re a nonprofit, you’re trying to figure out how to create virtual fundraisers. If you’re a camp, you might be trying to create a virtual camp experience. So it’s increasingly important that all of your online properties are working together to provide your potential customers with the information they need and to move them efficiently through your sales funnel. In this post, we'll help you think through how you can best leverage your online assets during this unprecedented time.

1. Learn to pivot very quickly

Maybe our most important point. Pivoting quickly in the online world has always been important because trends and technologies change quickly. But it’s become more important than ever if you want to take advantage of the increased time people are spending online and the increasing opportunities that result. How can you update your online presence to accommodate the kinds of things people are looking for? How can you reassure them regarding health or safety concerns? How does your product or service benefit them right now? Thinking through questions like these and then making changes accordingly will be a first step toward making sure your platforms are optimized.

2. Be in all the right places. People are spending much more time online.

Did we mention that people are spending more time online? Now is the time to evaluate all of the places where your organization is represented online. Are you on enough of the right channels to take advantage of increased traffic? Are you on too many channels and do you perhaps need to back off and focus on doing just a few really well? Only you can determine on which platforms your customers enjoy spending time. Make sure you are on these platforms and are delivering relevant content in a timely way. People are more interested than ever in having meaningful conversations. Be there to answer questions or engage. Be thoughtful. Brands have a unique opportunity to authentically engage people in this new world. Authentic engagement goes a long way toward gaining trust and converting someone down the line. Now might be the time to install a chatbot on your site to automate answers to inquiries or questions. Bots can engage 24-7, right at the time when someone needs it. We’ll get to additional AI solutions later in this guide.

3. Remember the purpose of an online environment

Your web properties exist to engage potential customers with important content and move them through a sales funnel to become actual customers. And because people are spending so much more time online, it’s important to rethink some essential questions. So ask yourself, is my site optimized to move people effectively and efficiently through that funnel? How can you improve conversion paths? Where can you include additional calls to action? All of your content, media, social properties and website should be working together to this end. If you aren’t thinking this way, a lot of potential sales are going to pass you by. So take the time to evaluate your traffic flow and find those places where you can optimize conversion paths.

4. Quickly transition what you can to online

It goes without saying, but if your business or organization functions as a physical location, you have probably already been thinking for some time about how to move your business online to whatever extent you can. For example, most colleges and universities have had to move to an online learning model very quickly. If you are a nonprofit, how are you going to raise money when you’ve had to cancel all your fundraising events? Now is the time to think outside the box. You will need to find alternative solutions to some of these problems. For instance, camps could create a week of virtual camp and colleges could create virtual visit days. Many organizations have already implemented options like these. But the need to evolve and expand will be ongoing as the world shifts ever more online. Keep looking for new ideas and solutions to keep your customers satisfied and moving through your sales funnel.

5. Be cohesive on social media

Whatever social platforms you are on, make sure your messaging is unified and cohesive across your channels. Your left hand should know what your right hand is doing. Make sure your content is appropriate and sensitive toward your customers. Never use your platforms for any kind of political or cultural commentary, except to offer support in any way people may need it. This is especially important now as people look to brands to provide stability they may feel is lacking in other areas of their lives. Stick to creating meaningful conversations and providing relevant content around what your business does best.

So there you have it. In the next post, we'll look at the remaining five ways to pivot faster online in this new world. If you would like to find our more about us as a potential partner, click the button below to send an email.

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